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[Game] League of Masters

League of Masters  Enjoy the Legend PvP action with 3v3, eSports MOBA game!

Choose from 20+ powerful Champions and compete online in thrilling and BRAWLs live PvP Arena matches against your friends, the sneaky AI or randomly matched players from all over the world.

The challenge doesn’t stop here: daily quests, developing your Champions and their items, multiple game modes, and elaborated ranking systems will guarantee an awesome mobile MOBA experience.

1. Small app size! Only 100Mb.
Best and smooth, highest frame rate performance – even on low-spec mobiles.
Quickstart! You don’t need additional downloads.
Experience crystal clear graphics on any mobile or tablet!
Touch to Play? V-Pad? Aim for the multi-kill with wide control support.

2. Fast-Paced Real-Time PvP Battles, Enjoy thrilling!
Face your Friends, Global Players or the sneaky AI in 1vs1, 3vs3 PvP Matches.
Build your ultimate team to take to battle in a 3vs3 online battle.
Choose your map, destroy the enemy’s towers and base for the win!

3. Perfectly optimized for Mobile PvP.
Short games! Crush your enemy in 5-10 minutes!
Enter the amazing world of the MOBA Brawl action!

4. Various Game-Modes and Maps for Maximized Fun.
Hunt the Giant Monster at the Heart of the Jungle map to gain the upper hand!
Challenging quests and campaign mode.
Become a King of Colosseum!

5. 20+ powerful Champions with the unique skill system.
Control Champions from various myths and legends!
Each Champion is equipped with its own spectacular attacks and animations.
A strategy is key: Optimize your team according to your champion’s spec.

Check out more details and look out for special events.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/leagueofmasters
Forum: bit.ly/LOMFORUM
Wikia: bit.ly/LOMWIKIA


League of Masters user reviews :

I love this game but I don’t love ads. Too many ads. The game has many potentials. My only concern is that sometimes I got disconnected to the server and sometimes I feel that my enemies and teammates are Al espescially in normal mode… Another one, please add chat button in the game so we can communicate to our teammates during the game and make strategies.. Please make some update that will benefit us all..

The only reason you get 2 stars is cause the game size is so small. But then again what use is it to have small size when you can barely play. The controls are so slow. And the interface is rather complicated. This game needs to go back to the oven for some more months or maybe year. It wont stand a chance against other games.

I played it so far and it’s so good,by the way this game needs an improvements and high quality heroes skills and HD graphics and more heroes to add battlefield adjustment and Matchmaking,needs some new heroes skills,jungle monsters,buffs make the arena 3 lines,it’s very good to add some new controls and new tower field new map or maby the devine bridge and new hero build process and new battlefield background music,hope you enjoy my feedback,i will wait the biggest update in this game

I just downloaded this game, I see that this game is very interesting and great, but it needs more fixes. An example is the controls: I don’t understand them and they don’t respond quickly, there is no tutorial, the controls are too small, the camera seems too far, and the heroes don’t have voices. Please fix this issues.

Just tried the game out i have all moba games i love the genre. This game has some really cool characters tho almost all are rip offs of other more popular moba’s. The abilities are also stolen but still flashy and nice. The fps regardless of phone is terrible and the servers will aleays have high ping. This game could go further with polished gameplay, redesign of the controls, smoother optimzied fps graphics and a decent way of unlocking characters without pushing the 30 bucks for 2 characters

Love it.. 5 stars! But, i dont know how to buy heroes.. so what im saying is your tutorial needs to be more informative..

Huge potential, needs work see below Good game but cannot play online it has a one second lag! I have high speed internet and its not lagging in single player though it is slower than it could be.. needs more targeting accuracy for smartphone at least because it’s very hard to target enery heroes quickly when there is a lot of minions around , also in the shops it loads forever i’m stuck, also it needs item description with the icon.. at least when you win it. thanks.

Last Update :

fixed minor bugs

Contact developer :


Video :

The game has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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