Postknight 2 – Deliver goods to the adorable people of Prism

[Game] Postknight 2

Postknight 2 Become a Postknight in this casual adventure RPG.

Fight through nasty enemy-infested trails and deliver goods to the adorable people of Prism!

Adventure through treacherous trails and deliver to vivid characters with their own passions and struggles. Develop special bonds and create lasting memories with the sweethearts of Prism. Become a part of this fantasy world as you quest and make the tiniest of differences to the people you meet and the places you travel to.

Deliver and Become a Postknight
Begin your journey as an inexperienced Postknight Trainee.
Complete delivery quests and take exams to graduate as a Postknight.
Rise up the ranks, up to the highest level of S-Rank Postknights.

Explore Prism and Develop Relationships
From villages to cities, magical forests and cold mountains, experience the cultures and conflicts of the different lands of Prism.
Meet all kinds of characters, each with their own stories of struggles and passion.
Trade gifts and form bonds with certain special individuals.

Experiment and Tailor Your Playstyle
Enter combat with 3 Skills: Attack, Defend, Recover.
Change your Skills with different weapon types:
Combo Skills together with the versatile Sword and Shield.
Become a master of speed and reflexes by dual-wielding Daggers.
Strategise and time heavy attacks with the two-handed Hammer.
Further fine-tune your Skills with different traits and develop unique playstyles!

Collect and Upgrade Everything
Fight enemies and use their loot as materials to trade and craft with.
Upgrade your gear into their greatest forms, both in power and appearance.
Collect every item, armour, weapon, and memory from all over the world of Prism.

Download Postknight 2 and begin your delivery adventure now!

It is recommended to play Postknight 2 on a device with at least 4GB RAM. Playing on a device that does not meet the recommended requirements may result in subpar game performances.

These two permissions are only needed when you share game screenshots through the in-game share feature.

Postknight 2 user reviews :

I love the game but it has some bugs. Sometimes my abilities stop working which can lead to losing a level due to ranged enemies pushing me back continously and me not being able to block the projectiles and charge at them. Other times when I finish patrols instead of doing the finish animation I just get stuck in a running animation. I still get the loot and return to town but once it happens once it happens all the time which makes it so I can never fully clear a route. Menus also bug.

  • Hi Maria Voicu, we’re sorry to hear that you’ve encountered this issue. We will take a look at this bug and work towards fixing it. Meanwhile, we hope you stay tuned for future improvements!

definitely my favorite game! very beautiful art, bgm, and story. this game has a lot of objectives, so it’s a great way to kill time. however there are several bugs that need to be fixed. for example i have fully completed some of the owning equipment sets achievements, yet it shows 1/3, 1/4… and then sometimes when i clear a hard battle and get some rare item drops, the game tells me that i don’t have a stable connection, so i have to repeat it all over again

  • Hi Devira, thank you very much for your 5 star review! Glad you like the game! We are working hard to improve the bug fixes and hope to improve the quality of performances in the following updates. If you’d like to keep up with the Postknight Discord community, feel free to hop onto our server!

I loved Postknight so I was really excited when I found out the sequel was released! It’s just as fun to play as the 1st one with the charming characters & hero on a quest plot. But, there are a few bugs. The red notification on my skills won’t go away no matter what & sometimes the game crashes, especially in event cove. I wish food buffs wouldn’t be active when the game is paused or closed. Lastly, while I love that the game is actually free-to-play, I wish there was more bang for your buck.

  • Hi N, thank you for continuing to support the Postknight series! Glad you like the game! We’re currently working to fix this issue, hopefully it’ll be fixed for you soon! Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback; we will take note of it and continue to improve the game. We hope you can have a better experience in the upcoming updates.

I like the way the game plays but there seem to be some issues with mechanics. One thing that I noticed is the parry mechanism. It seems like it’s supposed to work when the knives separate but it never gets the actual parry off. Ives seen some bugs with the main menu screen as well. Has good potential just needs a few fixes

  • Hi Caleb Templer, thank you so much for your review! Could you tell us more about this? You can send them here: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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