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[Game] Legacy of Divinity

Legacy of DivinityAscend to Immortality and Conquer the Celestial Realm!

Even as a humble mortal, you possess the potential to rewrite your destiny and attain immortality!

Immersive Exploration
Embark on an epic journey into the vast world of cultivation, and experience the thrill of soaring through the skies and freely wandering dream-like landscapes.

Form Deep Bonds
Invite fellow players to cultivate at your side, triggering unique plotlines and activating powerful abilities. Form deep connections and cultivate together to accelerate your development!

Raise Mythical Beasts
Select your beast, nuture it into adulthood, and fight alongside it in battle!

Character Interactions
Forge friendships with fellow cultivators. Engage in rich NPC interactions, cultivating together and seeking connections to immortal beings.

Hunt Monsters
Explore diverse dungeons and formidable bosses! High drop rates ensure easy acquisition of rare equipment!

Massive Login Benefits
Receive 5 billion Diamonds upon logging in, with divine relics available for free! Effortlessly obtain massive benefits!

Legacy of Divinity user reviews :

Why is the game vertical it seems rather than horizontal, cause not only is that odd compared to most games. If say someone wants to screen record the game it’s going to make it difficult to get a good recording on mobile if they want it to be the YouTube aspect ratio of 16:9 to add an end screen of their other vids. If selected as the option the vid is small & zooming in cuts off most of it, though not a big issue if they don’t care for the end screen yet it is still ever so slightly annoying.

  • Hello, I’m sorry that I didn’t give you a good experience. The overall gameplay of our game will be more suitable for vertical screen mode, and the proportional adaptability to horizontal screen is not that good. Thank you very much for your suggestions on our games.

An opening screen pops up I’m guessing it’s what you need to agree to for terms and conditions but I am unable to read it. I select all and I am unable to select any button to move forward with login. I am unable to press anything. EDIT Thank you very much for the quick fix !

  • Sorry for bringing you a bad experience. This problem has been optimized. You can log in again and try again!

I love how they did the game, and it has a lot more depth than most I’ve played. But it can definitely be more refined since the characters and effects don’t move smoothly together. They look and feel unfinished, but other than that this game definitely has some strong potential to become something even better.

Autoplay is not an option in this game, it always autoplays and we are not even fighting for once. Also the vertical play experience is bad as icons are small and always messes. Otherwise it was such a good game with amazing graphics

  • We are very sorry for not providing a perfect experience. The portrait mode is designed for your convenience, allowing for easier one-handed operation. our entire planning team will continue to consider and optimize the experience moving forward.

Fell short of expectations. The Play Store images showed a horizontal layout, but it’s vertical. Promises character customization, but it’s non-existent. Players can only choose a path and gender. Misleading advertising make it a letdown.

  • Dear player, hello, currently the game only supports vertical screen mode and does not support horizontal screen mode. However, we will consider improving this aspect in the future and continuously introduce the game content you have provided feedback on. Please kindly understand.

i can access the game : i get a korean text +things to check in korean (even after checking and tapping the 2 available buttons , it doesn t start the game ) . edit : i put 5 stars cauz the dev responded to the problem and fixed it quickly .

  • Sorry for bringing you a bad experience. This problem has been optimized. You can log in again and try again!

I’m sure this is a great game but for me I am more confused the longer I play it. I have no idea what is going on, I’m pretty much just watching the game play itself while telling a story that makes no sense. I have never found that type of game to be fun. 3 star because this game is just meh.

  • Games and novels belong to different mediums, with the storyline being more open-ended. We deeply regret not being able to deliver the perfect experience you envisioned. Rest assured, our entire planning team will continue to consider and optimize the experience moving forward.

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