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[Game] Merge Ninja Star

Merge Ninja StarCongratulations It’s finally released.

The most fun game.
Merge Ninja Star

If you enjoyed Mouse Duck’s Merge Pigeon, then have fun with Merge Ninja Star!!
Don’t have time to play?? Then the idle game Merge Ninja Star is the game for you.

Totally simple controls!!!!
Highly addictive game!!!!

Simply merge ninja stars and throw them, period!
Very simple idle battle game
Merge ninja stars to upgrade, period!
Collect new ninja stars!

Grab a ninja star with one finger and merge it with another one.

Upgrade your ninja stars and go battle
Try challenging yourself against boss battles

There are other simple mini games
Every time you get a new ninja star, brag it to your friends.
Who will be able to upgrade to the final ninja star?

Complete various achievements and get rewards!
Challenge yourself to #1 in various rank leaderboards
Try Mouse Duck’s other games ‘Legendary Block,’ ‘Merge Pigeon,’ and ‘Merge Ninja Stars 2.’

Your data is automatically saved on your phone!
Safely save on the cloud.
This game is a fun, addictive idle game.
Thank you.

Merge Ninja Star user reviews :

Usually I hate merge type games but this one actually stays interesting with minigames, combat, multiple forms of upgrade, and a nice UI that while confusing at first (due to what i can only assume would be translation errors) is easy to understand after a little trial and error. The only 2 things i seem to have trouble with are at first trying to understand some of the descriptions which seem weird at first and i can only assume its because of translation, and finding any of the easter eggs.

  • Good morning Thank you for playing the game. We will make the game more fun in the future. Please find Easter Egg at! Have a nice day

The game works perfectly fine for a few seconds before I get this pop up saying “the nucleus has been discovered” with my ID under it. When I click okay it kicks me out of the game. I don’t know if this is a bug or if the servers are down but I can’t seem to play it. I’ve tried deleting the game and re-downloading it but it keeps showing up. I’ve gone to Google to see what the issue was but nothing popped up so I can’t find any solutions.

This game used to be 5 star. Now that my 2+ years of hard work that got me past stage 1,000 without question is suddenly losing before stage 300!?!?…. not once or twice but all the time! Fix your game and I’ll fix my rating! I’ve spent real USD on your game and to experience this kind of issue after such a long time of joy is ridiculous! I’ll give 5 stars if you fix this problem. Update: the problem has been resolved and now 5 stars!

  • It’s hard to know in detail what the problem is. Please send an email to with detailed inquiries and we will check it out!

I love this game. Very fun, addicting, and I can play for hours. I think my biggest complaints are two things that are kinda only really one thing. I can tell this is ported from a different language, I’m guessing Korean since that’s what the Cafe is in, but it’s poorly done. I’m not sure what some things are meant to say. Also it’d be nice to have a description to each upgrade. Some are common sense but elaboration would be nice on some. Otherwise 10/10

  • Good morning Thank you for playing the game We will try to make better games in the future. Have a nice day

Great concept, lots of fun. Only draw back is that there is no offline progress. Every time you create a new star, it takes twice as long to get the next one. This is long, slow and tedious. Even more so without any offline progress. If they added this feature, I’d be happy to give them 5 stars.

  • Good morning Thanks for the great time. I will improve the game. Have a nice day

I love this game it’s addicting, but i have some problems i don’t know if the problem is the game or just my phone because it consumes to much ram and it will hang and i have to wait for 10 minutes to recover my phone again, but this is a great game, love it. Edit: i think it’s because of over using the burning that’s why it freeze my phone.

  • Good morning We will do our best to make it a good game in the future! I’m happy today~ Thank you!

Had a bug where the boss and defense timers stopped working properly. If I closed the menu, it resets them back to around full. This happened during a car trip, after several hours of having the game open, and connected to the internet. Will try to redownload game to see if it fixes it. Edit: It did not.

  • Check if it is auto skip If correct, change it to simply

Pros: very mindless grindy fun. you can easily lose hours of your day just playing this game alone. Cons: lack of online progress, upgrade system is very flawed as sometimes upgrades will fail yet still cost you in-game currency,deleting and redownloading the game will delete your progress for whatever reason (signed into google play or not)

  • Basic play is possible without internet connection. If you need an internet connection: 1. Start the game 2. Special ability setting 3. Quest acquisition 4. Other Is it right to log in?

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