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Legendary ioOne day, terror came to a peaceful kingdom.
An attack by a Dark Mage claimed countless lives.

A legendary sword that protected the kingdom from dark magic!
A Dark Mage who stole the kingdom to gain absolute power!
A righteous and brave knight embarks on a journey to find the legendary sword!

Legendary Sword
Hunt monsters!
Clear the whole game with a single hand!
Harvest items and achieve combos!
Look forward to new chapters!

Contact Us : legendary[at]eightstudio.co.kr
Contact Business : ms[at]eightstudio.co.kr
Contact Developers : +82535625374

Legendary io user reviews :

Updated review: Pros: – fairly easy to gain rare characters and equipment. – straight-forward play style and game types. – equipment seems to scale to levels, up to level 50 so far. Cons: – game is highly dependent on watching ads. – If ads aren’t available, half the game/rewards aren’t unavailable. – costly products, overpriced. It’s not worth $100 for elite hero or $15 a month for basic rewards and ability to skip ads. – if you don’t get an elite hero by luck, the game is very hard.

The game play itself is very fun but they have went a little overboard on the ads even for a free to play game. And the company is shameless their are so many stolen assets mainly the icons from various other games and despite their being like 20 different modes you can play its the same exact mode just with a different name on it. If it receives updates it could be a great game. My biggest gripe is how you are unable to reset your character and get the the diamonds back like u can with gear

Different phone, much better. Fun game, semi easy. Guess I got lucky getting some cat beam lady. Problem is now since the last update, it won’t play. Had to reinstall to get it to update. Now it just sits at the main loading screen with a full bar. Isn’t frozen either, hitting the back button kicks me right out. What gives?

Game resets when you switch tabs, wasting precious keys in the process. After the 3rd time I had enough. No other games do this, makes me believe it’s intentional. As if having necessary ads for items you should get just for playing wasn’t enough. Shame, because the gameplay is actually okay.

Really enjoyable game. F2p friendly. The only bad thing i would have to say is the microtransaction prices are crazy. Even if i wanted to support the dev by buying something small, everything is overpriced and not worth buying, unless they reduces the prices.

I have played many similar games but this has to be one of the best ones I have played in a while. One thing I would like to see in the game is a better or easier way to compare equipment when equipping new prices of gear to let you know if the new gear is better of worse then the old gear

It’s a good game so far for me but It’s been bugging a lot, even if I don’t tab out (I figured that’s the problem) It just keeps loading and loading until I quit and lose my keys, progress etc, during a run

Very nice game ruined by a greedy approach… just started playing, finished 2 levels and I’m emidiatly promoted to buy more keys so I can play more? Rly? 20 is max and it’s 5 per play and I used them up for the tutorial… stupid move I’d say…

Such a sensational game just it’s alot to pay to win but you can definitely free to play this game. But it’s way to many things you gotta watch ads for but still a 5 star game

How to ruin a game? Ads. Intolerable amount of ads. Claim stuff in your mail? Watch some ads. Play a new mode? Watch some ads. Oh you want this? Watch some ads. Devs, you’d rather play your own game and watch the ads yourselves honestly. Not gonna waste my time one this.

Unfortunately it’s just another archero survivio clone with no unique selling point. Once again the season pass is overpriced. Additionally it’s way too easy, with the fire and move feature, and abilities doing way too much damage. That being said, the art is good, which is always a plus. It feels like it could be so much more but yet, it’s still lacking a standout point. Until there’s a unique selling point, it’s just not worth playing.

Love it, great music, great concept, love the graphics, no forced adds yet.

I’ll say this is an amazing game I think this game is much better than archero, now i need to find a game that i can play until the developer team of survivor I’ll fixes the problem with the game

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