Legends of Lunia – Create your own party and attack dungeons

[Game] Legends of Lunia

Legends of Lunia   The legend continues!
A fateful journey chasing the legend with the heroes of Lunia Kingdom starts now.

Easy and simple controls and action beyond your imagination.
Join with different heroes with unique special abilities and enjoy strategic gameplay.
Team up with your friends in real time to defeat the powerful giant bosses.

Experience the story of Lunia that continues on mobile.

Game Features

Simple control with eye-pleasing action! Clear the episode and enjoy a thrilling adventure.
Legends of Lunia is a collectible action RPG that you can enjoy by trying various combinations of heroes.
Heroes have their own special skills. Gather different heroes to create your own party and attack dungeons.
Powerful bosses await you at each dungeon and raid. Join forces with your friends and enjoy strategic gameplay.

The game supports Korean, English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Legends of Lunia user reviews :

Pretty nice gameplay and controls are easy too learn. Some interesting events and different game modes to farm stuff doesn’t make it boring to play. However this game lacks possibilities to group up with other players. No LFG chat or guild options to gather sooner people together. Really hope they implement one or even some more features, because automatic search functions takes way too long for 1 minute of a level Otherwise great work so far.
  • allm
  • We appreciate the review!  Our team is always trying their best to bring you the best game out there. Stay with us so we can show you what mobile gaming is all about!

I enjoy the characters and the ability system that makes it a bit unique from other similar games, but I can’t stand the fact that I can’t put my phone into rest and come back mid game. It just shows my character with a disconnected icon above them forcing me to restart the map.

Was an origional player of lunia and loved it, this brings back a lot of great memories. The game play is fun and interactive but the stages and criteria for getting 3 stars a little boring. It almost forces you to play with certain characters (healers or shields) Range dps is favoured over melee and there are some classic characters who haven’t made an appearance. I think they could offer more in terms of play style. Over all a good game that’s just starting.
  • allm
  • Thank for the review! We hope to bring you great content, events, and what-not. Just stay tuned in for some real awesome fun! Our team is currently working hard to bring you a better gaming experience, so please bear with us!
I miss Record of Lunia War. Hmm, it was hard to find this game. For some reason it doesn’t show up in my New Releases page. At any rate, this game has smooth controls and nice hero variety. Progression might be a bit slow for those who don’t spend though, but there’s no competitive aspects yet so at least you don’t need to get into money fights with anyone.
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  • We thank you for taking the time to leave us your review. We’ll try harder to bring you the best game out there. We appreciate the patience and understanding!
A very stressful and difficult game with extremely slow and limited progress. The gameplay seems fun at first especially when playing on PC, but the difficulties of the levels ramp up very quickly and you find yourself stuck early on. Grinding to improve your characters progresses almost hilariously slow, and even if you hit the appropriate level, the stages are still designed to be extremely difficult. I have no idea what the developers are hoping for because nobody will play this.
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  • We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed, and we appreciate your candid feedback. We hope that our future updates and events will improve the game for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Never thought I would see anything Lunia ever again. I played the original ever since it released on 12foottall and was heartbroken when it shut down. While I miss the original game, this is a great experience so far. Like if Archero was balanced with an actual story and characters to combine. Would love to see the original game again some day.
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  • Thank you for taking the time to write your encouraging review! We really appreciate the 5-stars, and we’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the game. Thank you again, and happy gaming!
The game is interesting/fun to play; however, it is riddled with issues. UI organization is awkward, disassembling accessories is inconvenient (unable to check stats while disassembling), some characters have bugs with their kits (eg. B2 bombs state fire damage – explosions do not take fire damage stat, shields from the same skill+character do not overwrite duration when recast so the new shield immediately expires at the end of the old duration)
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  • Wish we did better! We will make sure to share your concerns with our dev team. Hope they will consider changes for future updates and we hope you can also give our game another chance!

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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