Hassle 1977 – Show and prove your skills

[Game] Hassle 1977 – Online Shooter

Hassle 1977

 Online top down action game!

Break into the Baltic City and join the resistance force Free Breath! Show and prove your skills in PvP shootouts, PvE missions, online drift and street races among other players-rebels and earn respect among them!

1977 year… Thanks to Intellectual Immensity Corp. (IIC) The future on earth came earlier than anticipated. New technologies are used everywhere, both in industry and in everyday life. In order to use all technologies, citizens need to undergo mandatory identification, i.e. implementation of the controller chip in brains. There are those people who do not accept these obligations. They call themselves the resistance force Free Breath. Rebels unite in all cities, gangs are forming to defend their freedom and prevent IIC from taking over the human mind! Some cities have been quarantined! Why?


This world is not about one game mode! It consists of many different ones. Switch between them at any time!
Exclusion zone SIBIRSK-5 – elimination battle, only best will win!
Team Deathmatches for respect points
Hustle Bustle… is it Battle Royale? Better ^_^ You need to fetch as much data as possible from servers and send this data faster than others. Only one wins!
Street racing
Drift racing
Other exciting missions with game characters!
And many more are on the wayCUSTOMIZATION AND DETAILS
Pick up your set: character outfit, vehicle, gun, armor perk and weapon perk! Character can use flashlight, can talk and eat! Cars must be refueled, repaired and painted! Guns and perks stats can be improved! Perks are all about flamethrower, protective bubble, invisible etc. Raise the character level and earn skill points!UNBELIEVABLE CONTROLS
Characters can jump high and climb on the roofs of buildings or strafe forward using space shift. Cars can use headlights, turn on/off engine, use horn, alarm lights and sirens, change the radio, use NOS. There is detail HUD that shows speed, RPM and more!

A whole unusual retrowave, soviet cyberpunk city to explore: shops with foods, equipment and cars, cinemas, gas stations, garages, cafes, charging stations, trampolines to go crazy with friends, medical and police stations, citizens on streets and much more!

Main Leaderboard – all about respect! Also each gamemode has its own leaderboard – become best at all of them or just at one gamemode! Weekly or All Time!

Crazy next-gen FXs and Graphics
Realistic car physics
Realistic physics of world, including ragdoll and destructible objects
4 radio stations with exclusive soundtracks for the game
Dynamic day/night and weather change system
A unique universe at the junction of the past and the future
Gamepad support: Gamevice, PS4, Xbox One and others
Full cross-platform game! PCs, consoles and mobiles on same server, cloud save data between platforms!

P.S. What will two gamers make if give them a great desire to create their own game?

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Hassle 1977 user reviews :

Looks nice but….gamepad controls not matching actions: for instance, SELECT BUTTON fires weapons, L1 is USE, L2 is map, R2 is flashlight. List goes on. Weak voice acting, certain spoken/written dialog doesn’t flow well. But it’s nice it’s there. Allow us to manually map gamepad controls and all controllers will work. Would love to play but can’t due to broken controls. Seeing slot of references to other games/tv series. Small but nice touch.

Very good game. It needs few tweaks and improvements, but as start it’s very fun and enjoyable. Please add more features in the near future!

Loved the game quite unique plus enjoying it but the ad option doesn’t seem to be working for me would love to watch ad to earn money and help u guys

Graphics are excellent but game is suddenly shuting down and starting again and need some optimization

Great game, the reason why I put it on 3 stars is lacking of something. I don’t really know what it is. but I’ll be staying to see the future updates.

I’m impressed, the game works really well on high-end devices and I’m even more astonished that 2 people made this game. Good job you 2, have a nice day

ok i understand, its not because game has no online function, i will remove 1 star, maybe itll change later.
  • Limkernel Gamedev Gang
  • uwu! сall your friends and try to play with them! There aren’t many players right now, the game needs players, because of this, bots may fill the void

A great game with good graphics, but a lot has to be improved. Good luck to the developers

Love this game, like the classic game of gta, i love it…!!!

good but need improvement

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