Legends of Valkyries – Mystical world of Nordic mythology

[Game] Legends of Valkyries

Legends of ValkyriesLegends of Valkyries is an enthralling mobile RPG that revolves around a captivating magic card system.

Boasting a diverse roster of female characters, players can strategically amass heroes, form troops, refine skills, and unleash powerful special effects for an immersive visual experience.

Immersed in the mystical world of Nordic mythology, the game seamlessly integrates real-time strategy with tactical card battles, providing a refreshing departure from traditional RPGs. Players will lead the charge as they harness the might of Norse gods, mastering their mystical abilities, reawakening their potential, and reanimating ancient relics in epic confrontations against rival deities. The game features an array of Valkyries, each showcasing awe-inspiring skills and spectacular special effects against a dynamic backdrop of ever-changing battlefield environments and complex tactical formations.

Key Gameplay Features:

Tower of Runes: Exploit the unique vulnerabilities of monsters on every floor and level to craft potent battle formations!

The Realm of the Gods: This isn’t your typical dungeon crawl; the rewards far outweigh the risks.

Cross-Server Arena: Strategically combine formations to challenge fellow players, ascend the rankings, and earn valuable diamonds and hero fragments.

Exploration of Secret Lands: Roll the dice to randomly select diverse secret realms; fortune favors the bold.

Temple Battlefield: Seize territories and assert dominance like a true conqueror.

Exquisite Character Artwork: Intricately polished original paintings vividly bring the legendary goddesses to life.

Norse Mythology Storyline: Set on the stage of the Nordic mythology system, Asgard, the game unites all Norse goddesses, each with tailored roles and exclusive skills for an immersive battle of the gods.

Spectacular Skills, Breathtaking Scenes: Divine power surges as formidable skills shake the world. Meticulously crafted special effects, combined with exquisite scenes, deliver a unique visual feast.

Within the game, heroes are broadly categorized into five archetypes: Guardians, Warriors, Mages, Shooters, and Supports. Players can collect an extensive array of Valkyries, ranging from the adorable Lolita to the enchanting Valkyries and authoritative Queens, each boasting their own distinct style. Train your exclusive battle group and embark on a journey of glory!

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Legends of Valkyries user reviews :

I’m sorry to say but this game is just average I mean the story is just meh for me and the graphics aren’t what I thought it would be, I like games with that eye candy style but this one is too cartoony. Moreover the worst thing is that there’s no option to skip battles and it becomes annoying to see the same battle all the time please give us a option to skip battle me and many other players would definitely appreciate it

The game’s great, generous on granting rare heroes, and better than other games out in the market. However, the latest update seemed to cause a whole lot of bugs. Elevating heroes freezes the game. I had to close the app and reopen to check the progress. This os getting annoying. Update: Devs fixed the issue in a blink of an eye. Back to enjoying this game now. Amazing!

  • Hi, we encountered an issue due to a wrong patch. It will be fixed in the new version, which has already been sent to Google. And will be released soon. Thanks!

It’s an enjoyable game, it doesn’t need too much grinding and it depends on your overall gameplay strat. The rewards are quite good, generous infact, you won’t need to be overdoing things since you can progress further without anything blocking, It’s really that simple yet fun. Although I am expecting more awesome future updates for the game to come! (5stars)

i really like this game. story is ok, but the graphics and color pallette makes me want to keep goin… but. simple things you’ve completed. you cant just auto-skip. you literally have to do each battle. on everything. literally everything. i like the game a lot. but idk if i can keep comin back.

it’s a decent game with rather good graphics. the battle is not turn-based and that’s what I’ve been looking for. no idea why people mad about the tutorial, it’s your typical tutorial for a game of this genre. overall, worth trying. should have higher rating, it’s worth at least 4 stars.

Can’t scroll legion members. No in-game time anywhere. All characters need to be available in summons all the time. Stamina replenish needs to be nomore than 3min per 1. Players not being able to play when they have free time will make them play other games instead. Cool game otherwise. Chat is useless and virtually no way to contact anyone for help. No Facebook, discord or working website…

Thanks for fixing the update patch. Now I can enjoy a beautifully rendered and wonderful game again. It’s a five from me .

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