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[Game] Lemuria – Rise of the Delca

LemuriaDarkness invades Lemuria, engulfing the mysterious continent in the flames of war. As the prophesied savior of Lemuria, you will venture into a mysterious world, confront formidable foes, and restore peace to the land. Rally an elite team of heroes, and embark on your own legendary journey to save this lost civilization!

Game Features

Venture into the Unknown and Beyond!

Explore the endless world map of Lemuria. Unlock fantastic stories every corner. The linear storyline leads you through treacherous dungeons, challenges you with intricate puzzles, and rewards you with hidden treasures! Ignite the final spark of hope, weave together the epic saga!

Enjoy Real-time Battle and Seize the First Kill!

Set your team formation and seize the best chance to unleash ultimate skills. Put your strategy to test in thrilling real-time battles! Over 30 challenging bosses are entrenched across Lemuria. Be the first to defeat them and earn a place on the Pioneer Monument. Seize victory and rewrite history!

Gather Invincible Heroes and Customize Dream Troops!

With 12 powerful Hero Races and hundreds of cards at your disposal, you hold the power to assemble the ultimate team! Strategize with 4 sources of power: Nomimos, Chaodis, Avyssos, and Theios to create a perfectly balanced lineup. No matter how unbeatable the BOSS is, it’ll eventually bow down to your orders!

Perfect Equipments and Ultimate Artifacts!

With the unique Perfection stat, test your luck when PERFECTing your hundreds of equipment! Pursue the ultimate ancient Artifacts, each set with its own unique skills to implement different battle styles. Devise and find the best combination to maximize the power of each Artifact!

Global Race Follows Your Call, it’s Time to Conquer All!

Tired of battling robotic opponents? Take your skills to the global Arena and face off against REAL players worldwide! Here, the true test of strength lies in your strategy. Can you climb to the top of the leaderboard and claim the CHAMPION throne?

Fight for Your Allies, Rise as One!

Guild up with like-minded comrades, team up to take on trials, and power up by constructing Guild Tech! There are even unknown Outlands waiting for you to explore and conquer with your guildmates!

Respected chosen one, what are you waiting for? Come to Lemuria and build your own legend now!

Lemuria user reviews :

I loved your previous game. I’m all in for this one. First review. Lemuria is a quality game. I made it pretty far in campaign. And to player level 20 arena and tower are good. I haven’t noticed any design problems. There is a depth of character design later in the game. And it’s pretty fun running around the maps. There are plenty of ways to get bonus energy so don’t worry about that just make sure to save at least 300-500 gems for random shops that pop up in the campaign maps with rare deals.

  • Zedra, thank you for your kind review! Your enthusiasm fuels our motivation. Keep exploring Lemuria and having an awesome gaming experience!

Just started, like an hour. But looks cool and it does not give boring vibes. Seems interesting. I’ll be spending some time to test. Update: Its walled. After 2-3 days of play, you will get stuck. Nothing to do unless you drop them $$. It was 4*, but now 2*. Energy system. Requires specific hero to finish map, but summon is random. Quest are so vague, its imposible sometimes to understand. Map navigation is a pain. Oh and switch screens take a good deal of your time. Skip? Sure wait 8sec to skip

  • Thanks for your review of our game, Behar Ceka. We have noted down all of your suggestions and will submit them to our devs. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at lemuria_support[at]droidhen.com. Hope you enjoy!

So far, I’m enjoying the game. My only problem right now is that it keeps freezing up every time it goes into a new chapter, and then I have to uninstall it and then install it again, which makes it pain to keep downloading it.

  • Hi Richard Daniel, could you email our support team at lemuria_support[at]droidhen.com? Please include your Player ID, your device information, and a video recording to help us address your issue. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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