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Light Ignite  Light defines beauty: relax and immerse yourself with this gorgeous, hypnotizing phenomenon in a stunning optical physics light game.

Experience the unique physics of light rays in an amazing laser puzzle which is as challenging as it is joyful. Play with laser physics and control the beam’s reflection, refraction, dispersion and curvature. Discover and become a virtuoso of dozens of exciting tools including lasers in all colors, lenses, mirrors and prisms – and even portals and black holes. And all of this with astonishing, real-time physics and visuals which will blow you away. Bring the light of creativity back into your life and build your own light games and levels – and enjoy countless puzzles by your friends, and the Light Ignite players community.


Explore: 100+ optical puzzle challenges in varying difficulty levels, from Apprentice to true Master of Light
Discover and master: dozens different exciting tools to use such as a laser, mirror and semi-mirror, lens, filter, prism – and even a black hole, a portal, a balloon and a switch
Free: 100% free to play so everyone can enjoy everything Light Ignite has to offer
Sandbox: Unleash the artist and architect within by building your own levels and art creations and sharing with your family and friends using our built-in sandbox level editor.
Share: countless additional levels built by our community and published frequently
Challenging: prove your mastery of light by collecting all of the stars. Do you have what it takes?
Accessible to all: Light Ignite – Laser Puzzle was built for everyone and can be equally enjoyed as a calm creative light game experience or as a super challenging light puzzle. What are you feelin’ like today?
Beautiful and accurate: believe it or not, we’ve built our own physics engine to make sure the light physics is realistic and fast, allowing for stunning, colorful effects on all devices. Light is so awe-inspiring in of itself, we decided to go natural, clean, simple, and elegant
True optics: explore the physical properties of reflection, refraction, dispersion and curvature
Intuitive, friendly user interface: easily and intuitively control everything so you can just enjoy and experience the marvelous world of Light Ignite with fluid, natural UX
Stunning: full HD graphics and special effects built from the ground up
Adaptive system making sure you’re always able to proceed, advance and even skip levels if you’d like
Completely portable and offline friendly: Light Ignite – Laser Puzzle does not drain your batteries and does not require Internet connectivity so you can play everywhere – on the bus, subway, or even on a plane flight
No physics PhD required to enjoy and master Light Ignite :)

You can play and experience Light Ignite as you feel: as a calm, exploratory playful meditation, a challenging light game, or anything in between. Collecting all stars in a given level will provide the highest reward, but you don’t have to – the optical game puzzles are built to be flexible and welcoming. Either way, you’ll have a blast – so wait no more – download today and become a true MASTER OF LIGHT.

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3D models by Synthakat VR, Md Ibrahim Khalil, Thomas DR, Poly by Google on Sounds by LittleRobotSoundFactory, soneproject on

Light Ignite user reviews :

Good puzzle game and concept, but the ads were either after every level or every couple of levels (it varied). Plus before you even start the first level it tries to sell you the “no ads” option. Don’t understand why so many games inundate their otherwise good concepts with intrusive or disruptive ads then try to force the “no ads” option on you to make a quick buck.

It’s a fun game, but to many ads. I’m rating 1 star because the ads ruin the experience of the game. I’ll rate 4-5 stars if you put less ads like at least every 4-5 levels. But not every single level please. It’s annoying. When I accidentally go to my home screen when I go back I get a ad when I’m in the level.

I think this is an interesting concept…light manipulation and is one of the few games I actually have on my phone, I enjoy it. I would say the only problem I have so far is the ads are pretty frequent, but other than that for a mobile game on the play store this is actually up there with some cool and fun ones

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Light Ignite game level 49 complete walkthrough :

Light Ignite game level 45 complete walkthrough :

Video :

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