Logic Master 2 – Become a logic mastermind

[Game] Logic Master 2

Logic Master 2A brilliant and creative logical game with the most unusual & tricky questions.

Looking for a game that is brilliant, creative and strange at the same time? Now you can become a logic mastermind by solving the most unusual and tricky questions that you have ever seen!

The game contains brilliant questions that incorporate use of memory, logic, attention, and the ability to think in unconventional ways.

Logic master is the second version of a brilliant and unusual puzzle game that tests your attention and ability to think outside the box.

What’s New in this version
OUTSIDE THE BOX: brilliant and at the same time unusual tricky questions and it even gets crazier as you becoming the mastermind of the game

SUPERB WHILE ODD: guaranteed fun and giggle because you will never see crazier logical questions than this

TRICKY QUESTIONS: with raised difficulty level you will have to pay attention, use your creative mind and brilliance to solve the odd and strange questions

IF YOUR BRILLIANCE IS NOT ENOUGH: then you can always use some hints for all the tricky questions

EVEN MORE HINTS: if the question is too strange or unconventional for you, then the video solutions will help

BRILLIANT QUESTIONS: become a mastermind and solve 120 creative and unusual questions in 30 vibrant levels

KEEP YOUR SCORES: via Google Play and see who is the most brilliant logic master

SHOW YOUR BRILLIANCE: by unlocking superb achievements

BE A MASTERMIND: choose from 3 difficulty levels of tricky questions

QUOTES FROM EINSTEIN: it does not get crazier than this:)

How to Play?

Each level has 4 to 5 sequential questions. The wrong answer takes you back to the beginning of the sequence. Completion of one level unlocks the next one which will be crazier. Your scores are stored on the Google Play servers so you can compete against your rivals or friends and see who will become the ultimate logic master.
There are various achievements in the game such as collecting stars, completing levels. Each accomplishment gives you extra points.

You CANNOT find a crazier puzzle game!

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Have Fun!

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Logic Master 2 user reviews :

It’s fun, but could be better.. the lettering is small and faint against a background with lines. It’s hard to read in certain lighting. Some questions are confusing beyond the puzzle aspect. Even if I get it right, I don’t know why. The 1st hint just gives you the answer instead of a nudge or small clue. The button to watch a video for a clue does not work. I’m forced to pay for clues which is unfair.

Not nearly so good as Logic Master 1, but still mildly enjoyable up to the “no smoking” puzzle. I think I’ve solved it but the game doesn’t move on – so I go for a hint and the ad doesn’t play – the button simply doesn’t respond. You won’t get me paying to sidestep ads, with this kind of glitch happening. So that’s the end of me playing!

I don’t like how I can’t preview past levels . Also some of the levels are two complicated or two simple . Also some of the levels can be fluked off . After passing a level it would be nice to go back review the level and get a more detailed explanation. Great game but part one was alot better .

It was a fun game. But Logic Master 1 is way better. This one doesn’t have a seperate section for our scores and neither does it show how many levels are actually there. If these are worked on, the game will be as good or even better than its predecessor. But its a good time pass nevertheless. Thanks to the developers.

Quite interesting puzzles. Most of them requires out-of-the-box thinking. Unfortunately there’s no way to replay even after finishing all the puzzles so I uninstalled the game. The game felt empty without BGM, and the score honestly felt unneccesary.

Please continue your efort of making mind blasting games more and more!!!

This creative game is so addictive.Great for brain excersise!

Great fun with some tricky bits to it!

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