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Likee Lite

Likee lite is the lite version of Likee.

With a smaller app size down to 15 MB, Likee lite will give you a better experience with faster download & network connection speed. Less data usage will ensure you larger space storage and save you more. Now download Likee lite to find the latest trend, explore contents you love and meet interesting people.

Feature highlights:
Smaller APP Size(15 MB)
Simple, easier and more practical. Download faster, connect network easier and get larger storage space.

Personalized Recommendations
Likee lite will recommend you the latest trending videos based on what you like, comment and share. An exclusive video list tailored made for you, so that all you see are videos you’ll like! The more you watch and the better you will get.

Endless Video Tailored For You
Choose from a great variety of videos, including music, dance, makeup, drawing, DIY, news, movies and everything in between! On Likee, you can quickly grow your knowledge, get life hacks, laugh with other Likers and keep up with the trend!

Creators You Like All Around the World
Discover the best videos, cool people, and interesting souls from all around the world! Life will never be the same! Like, comment or share videos as you like and interact with creators you love. Meet interesting people and make friends right now.

Easy Download and Share
Save your favorite videos on your phone and share them on various social platforms! On Likee lite, you can easily share your happiness with your friends instantly!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at feedback[at]

Likee Lite user reviews :

It’s great way for children to adjust themselves to social media with accessible children safety locks. It also has great videos, creators, hours of entertainment. It’s easy to use and overall a really fun alternative to other more popular and mainstream social media platforms. My only problem would be my personal issue to connecting toy network quickly. It usually 3-10 minutes to connect which wasn’t great. But otherwise great app!

I like likee, simply I just like it, I injoy watching twerking videos… It’s even faster to load video’s… I likee the app good work on this one… I don’t see any ad poping up…

I really like likee becausr its not as bad as tiktok. The only down side is that there are a lot of bots on there but its fine to me because I get a lot of likes and followers.

The app is good but my advice to the developers is to try to make the ongoing downloading to run background where by the user can continue scrolling

The Network affects this app alot why? Pls work on it thanks and again the lite version of the app doesn’t do live video pls fix it.

I like it but it shows Russian when the language is English and it only has Russian songs and Russian people.The language for settings is all english.

It’s so good but my problem was one time I had to delete the app because it was glitching and I couldn’t go back in the app

Woow, likee lite is easier for all of us to use.i always view it whenever i have problems on my mind, keep using it.its sweeter and enjoyable

The app is so good amazing fast and nice simple but when creating videos it’s good for the app to have music

Hi, this app is one of the best app in social category. But there is not best song in it. I request Likee to add more music . THANK YOU

This app is too good for posting videos and getting likes, but the are two problems about this app1. The music that they produce is for people who stay overseas. 2. People post nudes and sexual abuse for children, so can you guys update this app so that the youth do not become (amaphara) thieves and rape all around. This app is not that really good until the producers of this app upgrade it. Sexual abuse is not allowed. So please people stop posting naked . Thanks

Likee girls are mostly not glamorous plastic dolls , but everyday girl next door honeys. Where they pick up all these honies i dont know,, but what i do know is they make my jig – jig gentleman stand up for his ladies ,,,he he . Also there variety of topics r endless ,,,sport , games ,talk shows even this pathetic so called twerk dancing ext, and well presented ,Might still need nit of work on live shows , which should mean live real time not video or robot time. All round nice entertainment

This is one of my favorite apps to make videos and put all kinds of effects on them by hand have you seen this thing hours and hours and sometimes there were a lot of times I always the whole video before I got to say that it’s his closes out or disappears

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