Line Race – Be the first racer

[Game] Line Race – Police Pursuit

Line Race Do you like racing and chasing?

Then this is the game for you! In Line Race you have to run away from the chase, make your way through the police fences and even destroy the city! Here you can do everything to be the first racer!


Addictive gameplay of car racing games
Simple and convenient one-finger control
Atmosphere of real street racing and police pursuit
Lots of cars, cities and tracks
Nice hyper casual graphics
Generous rewards and gifts

Drift, slide, and hit the gas in time! If you go too fast, you’ll get off the line and the cops will be able to catch you!

Choose a race car for any driving style and any task. The game has auto for drift lovers, as well as for those who prefer the accurate passage of all obstacles. Common, epic or secret cars? No matter, they all are waiting for you!

Pump up your skills and reaction in dynamic races! Fit into turns, avoid trains and traffic, watch carefully where the cops are waiting for you, and don’t forget to collect coins! This is the only way to become the racer №1!

Line Race is an intense but fun game! It’s fast-paced but easy to control so you can play with just one finger. The main thing is to move from one city to another, change cars and never let the cops stop you!

Test yourself in Line Race and you are guaranteed hours of exciting races! Ready! Steady! Go!

Line Race user reviews :

I gave two stars instead of one for the simple reason I found it mildly amusing. But I played 205 levels with wifi off, no ads and unlocked and drove all 27 cars. might even be some handling differences, but not enough to matter. The tracks repeat and are too short and not really that challenging at all. I can’t say I won ever race the first time, but I lost very few As the name implies, if the line is blue, gas on black gas off. If you watched ads or played to remove shame on you.

This game is absolutely the best app i’ve ever seen, with the cops on the comms, the nitro boost, and with the ways you can get the police off your back? It is just phenomenal. And i figured out a way to cheat ads! Just swipe up, then hit the •, then go back in the game! Its the easiest way to get past an ad! 10/10, best offline police game ever.

Fun at first but realized it’s the same tracks over and over again. After collecting all cars there’s nothing left to do. Not to mention an ad every time you finish a track. Fun for about a day and then nothing new. Should’ve took the time to make more tracks. Just another ad machine.

fun to pass the time but gets repetitive fast. the cars aren’t noticeably different performance wise. more control would be better than literally touch the screen, don’t touch, touch, don’t touch etc…

10 to 15 seconds of game play, followed by 30 seconds of ads. I don’t mind the occasional ad, but after every brief level is a bit annoying. The game itself is great though, so if you don’t mind ads, get the game.

Game is okay to pass time. Wish there were more upgrades than paint for cars. Maybe different camera distance settings as well.

The game is fun and interesting, very simple to learn. But I give it only 1 star because the ads don’t give you the promised reward. And this happened twice. I watched an ad for 600 coins and I didn’t got them. I decided to ignore this issue. However when I unlocked the Mini car the game prompted me to watch another ad to claim the car. I watched the ad but didn’t got the car. This made me angry. Sorry devs but I hate lies and ads with no reward!!!

  • Oh, that’s a pity! We’ll do our best to solve the problem in the shortest time possible. Stay tuned!

It may be simple but addicting. So yeah But I wish you could control the cars. Anyways it’s a good game to play when your bored out of your mind. ] P.S:the ad looked way cooler than what it really is._

Addicting and fun games cool cars but every level you complete you get a ad but this is a pretty fun game.

Cool game more options on the vehicles and stats. Upgrade parts, track run longer and different landscape scenes.

The game is actually fun to play, tho after a few levels becomes a bit repetitive, when you reach level 16 reward, the 4×4 truck, simply doesn’t let you get it after you watch the ad to claim it, shame. Was thinking about buying the no ads but now nope I won’t, fix that bug and then we’ll see.

  • Hello! Sorry about that :( We’ll try to figure out what the problem is as fast as possible. Stay tuned!

This game is truly amazing because of the one touch control being instinctive great. I can gain coins by simply completing levels and with enough coins, I can unlock a bunch of random cars. This is a fun game overall. Five out of five stars, would recommend.

  • Hello! Thank you for writing us a review and encouraging stars rating We’ll do our best to keep bringing you joy

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