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[Game] Crazy Speed Car

Crazy Speed CarDriving the racing car with a top speed on the city street.

Control your direction, speed your car and drift skillfully! Can you win your opponents and be the champion? If you like car racing game, you must not miss this stimulate car game!

Realistic 3D graphics
Using 3D technology that with truth and details of the vehicles and scenes. You can feel you are driving the real car.

Numerous amazing and cool cars
21 high performance cars with different speed for you to drive. You can choose your favorite car to drive!

Customize your cars
Upgrade the engine and speed up your car to bring your street racing to a new height.
Paint your car, change the rims, design your car to your favorite look and drive it on the road.

5 cities ,3 weather and 3 period
From Hawaii’s beach to Hongkong’s street, from sunny day to rain day to snow day, from day to dusk to night, you will find a challenge and excitement world!

3 control mode
You can select the drive mode you like. You can drive your car according to your habit. Control your car to be the best racer!

Automatic drift
Are you a drifting novice? Do you worry about you can’t drift perfectly? It is easy to be a drift master with the automatic drift!

Come on! Drive your cool car and start your legendary car racing career!

Crazy Speed Car user reviews :

It’s a great game though when you reach chapter 2 level 3 it doesn’t continue and if it can be possible to add multiplayer mode through LAN WI-FI I think it would be awesome

The game is good easy to earn card. But it has bugs I can’t get past stage three no matter how many times I race it still remains there. fix it please. Now I have to uninstall…

I really like the interface of the game, the menu, the careers and the cars but on the other hand I don’t like the graphics, they are not realistic and I didn’t like the graphics interior and exterior of the cars, there is a lot of work to improve, but I really like the drifts to add. The only thing I would like them to be fixed are: graphic reality, different camera modes, Replay after each lesson, 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 minimum for multiplayer, the interior modeled in the next.

Experience has been very good but there is something wrong whenever I play I don’t get the rewards please look into that . Otherwise everything is good ,I like the game.

Glitchy! I used to like this game but after Grade 27 it got stuck, even after reinstalling it twice the problem was not resolved. So adiós crazy speed car. But the graphics and gameplay is quite nice. The bots also play extremely well, you feel competitive while racing. Car collections are also impressive but limited race tracks. Phone heats up very quickly, but it happens with these kind of games and online mode is also not available. Overall it is a moderate game.

At first it was just cool. But after reaching grade number 26, it got stuck and became so frustrating. At this grade even if I play and win, it can’t go to another grade. Please, can you sort out this issue. Because of this, I can’t give this game 5 stars.

Great game, the ads I don’t really mind because they are not long and boring and you get a reward o. Almost all the ads you watch so it’s win win

it is a perfect racing game but after grade 26 it got stuck and I can’t play anymore please solve this problem overall the game is and the graphics are very nice

Add more cars in the game and keep improving also add an option where we can disable the racing lines

Great game.but one thing is when I play cheapter 4 I win the level but the game is not going to next level.anybody help me.what is the problem.

Would give 5 stars but apparently dev. Has issues fixing the progression issue. Still race, still win – no progress. Even at the same place after dozens of wins in all categories. Would like to see a good fix in place or this game is a waste of time. Would be ashamed to miss out on a great app for some ‘likely’ minor issue.

I can say that it has an excellent graphics, excellent game play, overall it’s a good game, it’s worth downloading it..

This is a pretty good game! The graphics are good and so far the career mode seems good. They don’t bombard you with ads either so that’s great! I only gave it 4 stars because the controls are a little bit funny but I need to experiment with the different styles and see if there’s another option I like better.

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