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LingLing is one of the best free learning apps to master a new language in only 15 minutes from your phone!

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“Great pace of learning with good vocabulary and grammar content” – Kirsch

“The chatbot impressed me the most as it was quite an innovative idea plus the fact that they actually use human voices to interact with the user” – Yakut

“I would recommend the Ling App. It’s a good resource for learning language and specifically, seeing language used in a dialogue” – Alexander

It’s time to learn languages with Ling!


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Ling is dedicated to bringing you as many languages as possible and the most updated, easy language-learning content through interactive lessons and other fun activities.

Learn Japanese, learn Nepali, learn Lao, learn Latvian, and more with the Ling app! Want to know what other languages you can learn? Check out the list below.

Afrikaans • Albanian • Arabic • Armenian • Bengali • Bosnian • Bulgarian • Burmese • Cantonese • Catalan • Chinese • Croatian • Czech • Danish • Dutch • English • Estonian • Farsi (Persian) • Finnish • French • Georgian • German • Greek • Hebrew • Hindi • Hungarian • Indonesian • Irish • Italian • Japanese • Kannada • Khmer • Korean • Lao • Latvian • Lithuanian • Malayalam • Malay (Malaysian) • Marathi • Mongolian • Nepali • Norwegian • Polish • Portuguese • Punjabi • Romanian, Russian • Serbian • Slovak • Slovenian • Sorbian • Spanish • Swahili • Swedish • Tagalog • Tamil • Telugu • Turkish • Ukrainian • Urdu • Vietnamese

Whether you want to learn Tagalog for your next vacation, learn Lithuanian to study abroad, learn Khmer to finally turn off the subtitles of your favorite movie, or learn Cantonese because you love Chinese culture, Ling can help! Our Slovenian language lessons or Malayalam lessons will have you speaking fluently in no time!


60+ language courses
200+ lessons per language
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced vocabulary, phrases, and topics
Course content made by native speakers
Grammar notes with real-life examples
All audio from native speakers
User-friendly interface
High-quality lessons adjustable to phone and tablet devices


Match images with the correct vocabulary word
Sort the jumbled sentences
Complete the dialogue using the word bank
Listen and then repeat what you hear from native speakers
Practice conversations with the chatbot
Receive instant feedback on your pronunciation
Trace the letters on the screen with your finger
And more listening, speaking, reading, and writing games!

There are so many benefits to learning languages with an education app like Ling. Go download the Ling app now!


Can’t stop learning languages? Ling Pro gives you access to more advanced language lessons.

Monthly: $9.99
Yearly: $54.99
Lifetime: $149.99

Please note: Subscriptions will automatically renew unless auto-renew is disabled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. If not, you will be charged the subscription amount through your Play Store account. Manage current subscriptions and disable auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase.



If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns, contact us at support[at]

Start your free language lessons now with Ling!

Ling user reviews :

One of the few language apps I’ve found that has Thai. The order that things that are taught seem random but I guess there is some sort of method to it. Most annoying thing is that it constantly pops up a page to subscribe, even though I already subscribed. Sometimes the page won’t even go away and I have to force close the app.

I updated and voices are now too fast, when I change it to 0.5 speed nothing happens. Also, the new app has become very slow to respond to clicking. I am using an Samsung A51 and will stick with the old app for now, it still works fine. Edit: this is all fixed now, but the app is still missing features present in the old one, like an easy review button or ‘broken’ units, showing you where you might be rusty.

  • Hi Fredy, we’re sorry for any frustration you may have had with our app. We listened to your feedback and have made improvements to it. We put emphasis on making the app fun, easy to use, and efficient, so it´s more accessible for language learning now. Please let us know what you think at support[at] Fernanda

Works great and easy to use. Would get 5 stars if the premium sub screen had a better X button that isnt delayed when you click it pretty anoying. If you are going to shove that screen in my face all the time atleast make it easy to close.

I do like the interactive format of the lessons and the techniques used to retain the information learned. I use thaipod 101 also, but I find myself coming back to this one and actually practising more with it. Head to head, thaipod is probably better overall, but this one I actually use more often and therefore it wins purely for that reason.

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