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StoryaholicHey Story lovers! Finally, here comes the place to read original and popular short stories, novels and variety romance fictions!

Storyaholic presents selected and top-hit stories and books for you to stream with superior reading experience. From now on, we are all STORYAHOLICers!

Key Features
Storyaholic provides millions of short stories, get flipped and finish a story in one day
Immerse your whole self in reading, enjoy the ultimate reading experience
The powerful search function makes it easy for you to find stories
Customized recommended books only for you
Use Night Mode to protect your eyes, reading is the light in the dark

Why Storyaholic?
Select ANY GENRE you like: werewolf, alpha & omega, mate choosing, rogue wolf, romantic novels, love stories, mafia romance, badboy school stories, light novels, stories with reborn characters, magical realism, eastern fantasy, horror stories, fan fiction for K-POP fans, sci-fi, suspense and thriller, and excellent original stories…
All of the novels and fiction books are copyrighted
Download fiction books and read them OFFLINE anywhere anytime
Special WELFARE for new users and daily events!
Leave your COMMENT and share your thoughts with the reader all over the globe!
New stories released on a DAILY basis

Storyaholic user reviews :

We shall see if this one stays good… Well, the check in coins are extremely low and I can’t afford to purchase coins so reading goes pretty slow. But the stories are good. Reading is way too slow! I have been trying to finish this book forever! Unless you can afford to purchase coins I would skip over this app.

Books are good but you have to pay to unlock chapters readict is better , you can top up if you want or watch a video to unlock the next chapter. I wish more apps are like that. I can spend less buying a ny times best seller than buying a few chapters on here.

The story I am currently reading is good, but the grammar is bad. It’s either online translations were used, or there’s no proofreading. I just want to know how the story goes and ends. Once I’m done, I may cancel my subscription.

Mommy Doctor’s is very interesting. I like the story line but its very expensive. Its also time consuming waiting for several ads with very little value to reach 30 bonus or points in order to resume one chapter again.

They have a good book selection. Many books that cannot be located are found here. Like all the other apps, chapters are unlocked via purchasing or earning coins through reading length.

I love the novel titled ” Revive me: surrounded by adoration as a supporting role” the plot twist is really exciting and I like the mood. But just like others, it’s too expensive. It cause 30 points each chap. Huhu I hope there’s more freebie. I gave it 5 star to get 20 point I’m too poor Hahahahaha.

Every chapter are too pricey to unlock compare to the other novel app i have. It is also way too hard to collect all the rewards just for a chapter. PocketFM give 5 free chapters everyday and you can also watch 5 ads for 5 points. while in Wattpad you can unlock chapters after 1-2 ads. A chapter n Webnovel can be unlock just by 1 pass from the rewards.

I like the selection of books and notice this app is similar to ireader, but like ireader, it is difficult to get enough coin to read a book. Reading 4 free chapters is great but there isn’t any reading incentives if reading for a period of time. There should be something or I will never be able to complete a book. Nor will I have the desire to attempt to continue the book I really want to read. I think coupons or incentives need to be added so I can finish the book i had started.

The auto buy chapter keep being put on active by the system. Very annoying. But for the rest its nice that the pages have consisten prices

Storylines were nice but the Chapters were too pricey and rewards were too low. It seems that novels in this app only tickles the readers curiousity to keep them buying chapters where sometimes i tend not to finish any novels.

I truly love these stories. Currently reading one that made me tear up for the heroine of the story. Easy payment method and we’ll worth it!

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