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[Game] Little panda birthday party

Little panda birthday partyLet’s go to Little Panda’s birthday party!

You can prepare a creative birthday gift, dress yourself impressively and go to the party!

Product description:

Go to the party with a DIY gift, which will not only show your respect but also enrich your imagination!

Make a birthday cake.
A birthday cake could be your first party gift! Mix the flour, eggs, sugar and cheese together, pour them into the molds and bake in the oven. At last, decorate your cake with whipped cream and fruits!

Make a birthday card.
A birthday card could be your second party gift! Select the birthday card you like, write your best wishes and paint with pretty color, then decorate the card with stickers such as flowers, plants, gift boxes, etc.

Pick a big gift box for the party.
The third party gift: a snack gift box! Pick your favorite snacks and place them neatly in a gift box, wrap the box with pretty packing paper and decorate it with a bow. Your party gifts are all ready!

Pretty dress-up can show your manner and your respect for the host!

Get a new hairstyle and show up at the party with your new look! Put on the evening gown, wear nice earrings and necklace, and pick a handbag to go with your gown. Then take your gifts to the party!

Set up the party with Little Panda and share the joy with each other!

Use a pump to blow up the balloons, make them float in the air, and hang colored flags up on the wall! Fill the plates with donuts, ice cream, fries and other foods you like. Let’s start the party!

With your gifts and help, Little Panda’s party is quite a success. Wish you enjoy the party too!

Product features:
Learn how to make a birthday cake!
Become a stylist and design a party look for yourself!
57 kinds of decorations for birthday gifts and parties!
Learn about party etiquette!

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Little panda birthday party user reviews :

t’s a good game. make more good game’s baby bus. thank you baby bus!!!!!!!!

I likethis game but please add more new characters and new clothes thank you

Oh this is just great, a super duper game!! you will love it, but my only problem is I can’t choose the gifts by myself and the gifts are AWSOME, well don’t mind that is just a cool app and the dresses/coats are sooooo cute! just you will love it, and if you have any tiny little siblings, they will be with it for the whole day so install it!!!!!

Awesome game. Every stage in the game is simple and easy to learn. My baby brother of two, can easily play the game. If there’s even a six star rating , i would give this app.

It’s a very good game. I love the characters they are so cute. And I love to decorate and prepare cakes and even I love every little Panda games they are ousum

I like this game but the reason why I gave 4 stars because it’s a bit greedy why I can’t make my own dakitons when I making a birthday card only the same dakitons keep repeating. Please solve it ! THANKS!

this game is so fun. but is become repetitive after awhile, like any other babybus’ games. but it’s alright, it’s a great game for kids!!

It’s awsome (I’m lazy to right all the stuff) All the baby bus games are awesome and cool I know their kid games but I’m 8 and I still play them since they are very nice i recommend downloading it even thought I haven’t played it UwU

The game is quite fun a little repetitive tho which is ok considering I am playing games meant for children still entertained me for quite sometime

Best game ever the items which are locked you can open them easily by pulling the lock

i love the games of all baby bus.I know this game is made for 2 to 5 years children but I am still 12 years old.because I love your all games. I want to tell you all download all the baby bymus games because they are very interesting and educational. I love you and your games. very nice games please reply on my this comment baby bus.Thankyou so you so much

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