Little Panda Camping Trip – Enjoy the fun-filled outdoor camping activities

[Game] Little Panda Camping Trip

Little Panda Camping TripSpring is finally here! It’s time to have fun and go on a school camping trip with our cute little panda, Kiki, and his school friends!

Take the magical school bus and enjoy the fun-filled outdoor camping activities and school trip games!

In Little Panda’s Camping Trip, you will face several interesting challenges and take part in lots of fun activities.

Catch butterflies, ski on the grass and have a picnic with little panda and his school friends! Choose your favorite food! Don’t forget to setup the tents on the camping site! School camping trip can be such fun!

7 interesting outdoor camping mini games!
Engaging learning environment stimulates the learning of outdoor camping skills.
There is also a huge treasure chest hidden in the forest! Find it and unlock it in this school camping trip!
Easy-to-play for kids

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Little Panda Camping Trip user reviews :

Hello I love this game but why when I open the app then it doesn’t open please help me too fix the game

Wow i love the game so much,there was a lot of activity that you can do, actually all baby bus apps are so nice and lot of lot activity and creativity that you can, sometimes baby bus app have a teaching lessons,so that’s why i love the game so much,can you do more more apps??? And i will support it

It’s a nice game perfect for kids. But once you buy all the ingredients there’s nothing left. So, the game gets boring. Hope you will bring new updates whenever you can.

This game is amazing I love it it has many adventure totally Great game good job Little Panda Thank you for the game

Why’d you choose which tend to build first and also why when the one who order orders in the left you have to put the food in the left and if you catch the butterfly why do you have to keep them on a jar they will die

It’s an excellent game. Very nice thinking. And very good characters.And l have a lot of fun.

baby bus games are amazing. baby bus games are free so we not need to purchase anything but other games are having purchases.

how you even is a monster play again even has managed to play that game again even was played again that’s a little sister tell your little sister play that game she know how to play it anyways anyways that’s your business no don’t forget to subscribe for my video I don’t know and don’t forget to to buy don’t forget to buy my new merch but the store is going to beat that dumbass just going to the most the merchants going to be held on June 20th

I’ve never seen a game like this before, a good game for kids, and maybe helpful for those who just started to learn English

This game is pretty good because it doesn’t have any adds we dont need internet as well and I love this game very much

I played some of the baby bus game. I like all the baby bus game. I am proud of baby bus compeny and baby bus game really.Who will play this game that person like this game from that time.I like all the games but first this game I like. Only and only some persons unlike this game but many persons like this game name baby bus. Once again I am saying I like this game very much Thanks and Thank you to all. Who are it. Once again thanks.

I love baby Panda game please l am requesting you please make thhese type game l love it thats why l am giving it 5 stars

its ok! it just start over and over and over and over and over can you do this better

great game for 1 to a 10000000 and no bad things perfect game

I Love to have a good camp but you know one question about camping trip ?

I am so like this App where I am very like this it is a kids games and Panda is so cute and this is a children like I am very free to this

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