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[Game] Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur ParkMeat eaters like T-Rex, herbivores (they just eat vegetables) like the Diplodocus, and predators like Raptor…..12 kinds of dinosaurs’ fossils were buried here. You can see varied shapes of dinosaurs bones. Experience the real Jurassic world through those magic fossils.

Pick up one favorite car then go to the excavated site! Let’s dig dinosaurs fossils, and go back to the Dino Laboratory to assemble them. The cool dinosaurs will be resurrected! Are you eager to see them? Come to Dinosaur Park!

Go to the seaside, plain, desert and rainforest with awoken dinosaurs. From excavating fossils to surprising adventures. Kids will know about the dinosaurs’ behavior from the place they left behind.

Now, pick up your favorite car to dig the dinosaurs fossils!


12 kinds of dinosaurs and fossils
Go to the seaside, desert and many more with different dinosaurs
Fun sounds and animations make the dinosaur come to life
The hidden surprises and imaginative things to find
Suitable for preschool children, 0-5 years old
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Dinosaur Park user reviews :

The game costs around 2,99 and you get the chance to find it out only after playing it. I believe price should be out before installing it. Therefore it will be more clear for customers and of course you avoid children getting disappointed. Apart from this app seems to run smoothly and it looks nice.

  • Thank you for your comment. Your feedback is very important to us, we will seriously consider and improve! Our applications are free to download and include in-app purchases. You can experience some free levels and paying for the rest is not required if you are not satisfied with our games. More opinions please contact us: cs[at]yateland.com

I rated you a 3 cause you only give 3 dinars oars and my favorite one is locked and there are cool dinars oars that I want but they are locked and we can’t get the full version please fix it at least give all the dinars oars that are locked there is a lot of dinasour that we want to check out so please fix it if you can.And can we have some vehicles those cars we only have 2 they both are boring a blue one and a red one

  • We are sorry that our games usually include free experience and in-app purchases. We can understand and we believe more free products will be launched in the future. You can also search for Yateland to find more fun educational apps! Experiencing free game content is fun too! Please email us at cs[at]yateland.com for more professional help info!

why can’t the kids play to unlock the levels instead of us parents have to pay to unlock to the next levels. Give the children to experience how to unlock to the next dinosaur they want to play with. I don’t think this is right online and offline.They get frustrated when they can’t play the characters they want. And us parents gets upset if we have to pay for a level they could try to unlock on their own.

  • We feel sorry that our games usually offer free experience and in-app purchases. If you feel it helpful for kids’ growth, you can pay to unlock the rest levels permanently under your Google account. We sincerely care about your precious opinions and will pass this feedback to our dev department. Please email cs[at]yateland.com to share more ideas.

Everythings nice in this game but the reason I gave you 4 stars is that there are only 3 playable dinos that are trex utahraptor and protoceratops can you please do these changes along with others who have commented yateland .

  • We feel sorry that this game now offers 3 levels and 2 cars for free. Pay once only, and you can unlock the rest content permanently into your account. Fun interactions make dinosaurs come to life. Hidden surprises also highlight this dinosaur world adventure. Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas.

I appreciate that there is a small price to pay and there aren’t any ads. Are there other packs to purchase as my grandson is done with the ones available?

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing! Yateland apps and services are developed in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). To better erect a kid-friendly game environment, there are no third-party ads in all Yateland games. Please feel free to email cs[at]yateland.com if you would like to share more ideas!

This game is good and my son loves it more in his ipad. It will be good to display basic details of the dinosaur species. Hence 3 stars.

  • Children’s love is our happiest thing. Thank you for choosing and recognizing Yateland! Your precious feedback has been passed to the relevant department and we will seriously consider and make further plans. Please feel free to get in touch with us anytime at cs[at]yateland.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

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