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[Game] Little Panda Sweet Bakery

Little Panda Sweet Bakery   Would you like to be the top baker of the world? Do you dream of a cake empire of your own? Then let’s start from managing your first bakery. Every day, the bakery welcomes a large number of customers. Change into chef clothes and get ready to greet them!

Who says bakery chefs can’t wear beautiful chef clothes? Come and pick your outfit. Which do you prefer? The pink layered dress, the blue long dress, or the purple princess dress? Don’t forget to put on your chef’s hat and apron!

The customer would like a customized fantasy cream cake. Okay! Mix the flour, stir, bake, and decorate it. The cream cake is ready! Make cakes and bread with care for each of your customers, offering them the enjoyment of taste and vision.

Ding! You’ve got an invitation to the gourmet fair. Let’s decorate your stand! Fill the plates with bread and cakes, and color your stand. You can also invite lovely animal friends to join the party!

There are interesting stories taking place in the bakery every day. There are also take-away orders from all over the town every day. Come and download the game to enjoy!


32 pieces of dressing up props for you to choose and match.
Plenty of kitchen utensils for you to give full play to your baking creativity.
Learn to make 25 kinds of cakes and bread of different flavors.
2 types of orders: In-store order and take-away order.
37 pieces of decorations for you to decorate the stand and join the gourmet fair.

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Little Panda Sweet Bakery user reviews :

This game is sooo good no ads and it learns me how to make a cake

I like cooking games and I love the designs so fun this the best game ever

It is a very good and interesting game and I liked it a lot it is educational for making cake and I tried it it realy happened means the cake was very tasty and nice and I made it in reality not in game by the recipe given by the game

I really like this game . You are saying that this is for 2-6…but I am 13  and I like it…

This game is very good entertainment for my bro

Becomes very good this app! Thank you your apps so great

Playing this game like a trainning a chef job. Practice makes it perfect. Give us an idea on how to bake a cake. Thumbs Up. Please make it improvement at 2022 while playing this game can listen to our favorite songs be perfect games.

Nice game but repeating the same one.Repeating too feels good.This is a good one because ads are very short, we can make our own design for cake and etc… ,.Enjoy Dear Baby bus, Thank you for presenting such a good game for us.

It was good if I see your comment but it does not have level but I was so bored playing every day so I uninstalled it if you like it though I don’t know why if you like it it has so many coulomb can bake bake everything we need and its will go I don’t know why do you like it please tell me thank you that’s why I put for Star review

First played time so super. But this time no because freezing a lot and I back and come on more repeat the girl going to the dressing room repeat, repeat backed time you play same the girl going dress place so am give 3 stars only

Ok so …the game is good but not awsome bc like isn’t this game for kids then why are some of the things for ads like what? But otherwise good game i recommended this to you all….thanks for reading my comment..have a nice day

This is my favorite game i have never seen this type of game if we don’t have enough money in the game we have ad to gain that object It is a fantastic game

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