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[Game] Baby Panda Magic Kitchen

Baby Panda Magic Kitchen  Lovely ingredients in the magic kitchen have magic power to turn themselves into gourmet. But, they need help to cast magic! Kids, come and help them with it!

“Phew”! The little potato uses magic to make the coat disappear. Now it’s your turn! Take it to have a sauna. And then invite Mr. Carrot to the oven party and turn them into delicious potato pie.

Make a magic chicken roll! Sprinkle it with ground pepper. Let’s give the drumstick a bath first. We also need to add pancake, lettuce, tomato slices… Wait! Where is Miss Tomato? Can you help find her?

Wow! Brother fish is enjoying the hot spring. Miss Mushroom and Mr. Tofu are also coming down in a hot air balloon! Stir the hot spring to make the hot fish soup!

Make magic gourmet and let kids love eating!


Make 8 kinds of magic gourmet: pudding, rice ball, dumplings, and more.
More than 20 ingredients: potato, fish, beef, drumstick, and more.
A variety of cooking methods: steaming, boiling, roasting, stir-frying, and more.
32 interactions of gourmet to let children learn how to get a balanced diet.

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Baby Panda Magic Kitchen user reviews :

This is a good game and enjoy ful there are so many fun in the game it also A educational game

Adult here who enjoys “Cooking Mama” style games. I have to tell you this is probably the cutest game I have ever played, cooking or otherwise. The animation is so adorable, I loved watching the animations for the cooking, ingredients, instructions etc unfold. Everything is so cute and whimsical. Honestly wish there were more recipes, even though there are roughly 8, but it’s a kids game so I doubt it. Also very educational for kids too “this food will make me strong” etc.

You can make all type of food and it’s so cute the boy is so cute and his eyes are so cute and I like the funny part where the potatoes where they talk and stuff and it’s like it’s so cute I can’t help it I give it five stars I don’t know why I’m writing this

I’ll admit it is cute, but it’s also very messed up that you’re cooking and eating living ingredients.

I love baby bus games I have played half of the games. This game is also nice but please keep more vegetables . Please make more games like this . Bye bye

It’s beautiful I like this much and vegetables chicken it’s cutest game thankyou for creating this game

It’s a great game but if it added more meals that you could make it would of added more stars.

I liked this game very much because i can see so many vegetables all kinds of things and this game is so fun. Thank u for creating this beautiful and fantastic game. And very very thank u for babybus game company for creating this type of games of baby panda. And the panda is very cute in all the games

That was a really describing thing But I didn’t know it was very bad but I didn’t let the game go It was very Are used this app 3 days And I didn’t understand This game was so fun that was Is the tap and vegetable I’m cook That was really disappointing Because I Because I didn’t have much more time Bye Bye I also gotI also got a lot of information which was disappointing also We bad It was really realOops I saw a box by the couch Just know

I love this app it. Helps my child like vegetables it is great my child learn a lot from this app

I like this game .i have seen different types of vegetables and how to cook those vegetables

This game is so cool cuz my 3 year old sister loves this game she says its funny and really cool so that’s why I gave it five stars

I like this game the vegetables is so cute and the panda boy is so cute .

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