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Livetopia PartyLivetopia Party is an open world mmo party game that’s full of exciting surprises! It’s a modern city by the sea, and you’ll get to meet friends from all around the world. You can be whoever you want and do whatever you like.

Invite your friends to have party and explore more in this open world!

Play a role as a doctor, firefighter, or builder. You can also become a rockstar and play your guitar on stage, drive a go-kart around the city, or even pretend to be a scary zombie and give your friends a shock.

Create your own wonderful map in the workshop and wait for others to visit. You’ll have opportunities to get multiple rewards and glories.

Make Friends!
Discover new friends, chat and hang out with them in real time! Build-in mini-games allow you to show off your amazing talents to your friends and to the world!

Play Dress-Up and Home Design!
Livetopia: Party! offers over 100 costumes and accessories for you to create your very own style! You can also decorate and build your perfect house with any furniture you like.

Adopt Pets!
Adopt adorable pets and become their best friend! Play games with them and go on exciting adventures together, train your pets to become powerful fighters, or simply enjoy cuddling with them. And guess what? You can even transform into your pets and explore the world from their points of view!

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Livetopia Party user reviews :

This game is ok but can make the character more real or more cute because the character face like doll and maybe can add map like GTA 5 so people will know the location of all building . When first time i play , my head feels dizzy because no direction for all the places .

Very disappointed I was hoping for an original game but instead I start the game just to find out that I might as well have played PLAY TOGETHER . And they didn’t just rip it off a Lil it’s almost a complete copy. I really wished the developer had their own ideas instead of ripping of another well known game . So disappointed ! So sad it’s a waste of space in my phone .

I’m irritated I’m very excited to play this game but literally cannot get past the first screen which is just the main screen to play the game. It keeps saying connection network error and it’s not a Mayan it’s 100% is this at I’m very disappointed because I’ve been waiting a few weeks to play this please fix this so I can play the game and change my review

  • Hi there, Villager! We’re sorry to hear about the issue you’re experiencing. To assist you further, please provide us with more details by emailing us at contact_LTP[at]

I must admitted it was a great experiences. Sadly, i think you guys should add more option purchase by using banknotes because mostly the item on this game can be obtain with crystal / ruby. It’s hard to grinding those requirement and the amount of it is small than i thought. Hopefully you’ll consider my opinion for upcoming update !

Start up … Network or replication error keeps happening wen am on WiFi and its all good 5g fast great on everything else just won’t let me on .. but wen i use mobile data it works fine ???? Would give more stars but al wait and see if support gets back 2 me its been 3days now ???

  • Greetings! We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Do give us more information about the issue through Customer Support at contact_LTP[at], where we can provide you with further assistance.

this game is so good, because first you can play tournaments with other random, you can change your character, you can drive a car or anything that can drive, and you can do drops to get money and it is not glitchy at all, and you can play without Internet.

This game is actually incredible. Its basic but its addictive as hell. Could spend hours playing it! The online mini games are fun and there’s tons to do. The pokemon style battles are great!

The recent update is gettin better. Additional items to choose for your avatars and items prices got updated. So far the game is non toxic too compared to other games alike, in addition to its aesthetic style. Looking forward to add’l activities to earn gems because seriously most items can be purchased with gems but so hard to earn it. Overall it’s a nice game to everyone who wants to chill & play at the same time. Needs more improvement tho.

Very creative, lots of options and pretty fun. The best life roleplay game on the app store and would recommend as it is very fun and you have a lot of free will. It’s kind of like a Roblox game.

Have a pretty good experience in this, and so far hooked up in katana gameplay here sseems like dodge ball but with skills. kinda interesting. but will explore more of the game . hope will find more exciting mini games

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