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[App] Lola Speak – English Practice

Lola SpeakPractice speaking English in real life situations!

Be the hero in our interactive series. Move the story forward by speaking English.

How does Lola Speak help me learn English?

Many English learners already know a lot of grammar and vocabulary, but are afraid to actually speak English. Why? Many are embarrassed to make mistakes, or mispronounce words.

Lola Speak provides a safe environment to practice real life conversations. You can repeat as many times as you like. You can practice communicating in a life-like setting, but without the pressure and stress. You can build confidence to communicate in English.

How will I know if I am speaking correctly?

Our AI provides instant feedback on your pronunciation.

Also, you can listen to your own audio and recordings by native speakers to learn to sound more like a native.

Is this going to be fun?

From plot driven stories (Welcome to Hollywood) to series helping you navigate specific situations (Job Interview) you will be immersed in American English and culture. We think you won’t want to stop – all while speaking English to move the stories forward!

How often is the content updated?

We expect to release new series monthly covering different topics & English speaker levels from basic to advanced.

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Lola Speak user reviews :

Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to take one free lesson a day. I managed to complete up to section 6, and then every day I checked, it required a subscription. If it was a bit cheaper, I would have subscribed.I’m using a similar app that’s cheaper, so I’ll stick with it rather than this one. The price is off-putting.

It’s very creative with visual interaction, but in my case, I believe that Brazilian Portuguese was missing from my mother tongue, it is very different from Portuguese in Portugal. It would be more enjoyable if all dialogues had visual interaction, as if you were a tutor.

When I installed this app I thought it’s the best of the best app for learning English.It’s clearly obvious how much you’ve spent time to create this app and produce content for it.I hadn’t seen any app like this! I was in love with it and so happy because the way you teach us English is really creative,cool and smart.BUTT Unfortunately we just can use this app untill unit4 !Man I got truly disappointed and sad why you did this at least you could’ve allowed us to use one of the options for free

it’s so realistic and amazing…. it shows your scores ASAP and corrects you where you went wrong immediately… I recommend this app to anyone who needs to improve or learn English perfectly. … it’s not like most of the apps that claim things but don’t fulfil….this app fulfils even more than described ….I love and that’s why I give it 5 stars

I am satisfied with the app. I recognized what a tremendous work was done to build the structure of the content, and I am trully thrilled. Besides the opportunity of the learning process, here is a well built an engaging part as for me. It is the first app in my life that made me interested in the process, and I am elder then 30. The first app in my life, to emphasize one more. Lola, thak you.

Frustrating. Just downloaded this app to try it. First thing it asked me was my native language. So I clicked on it. And everything after that is in a complete language that I cannot read, write or understand what it is saying or asking. There is no English at all after I selected the 1st thing that came up in the app. There was no other options! I like to continue in English and there is no option for me to go back and remove the other language selected

  • Hello – You can select a different language by either 1) going into Profile -> Settings in Lola Speak or 2) on your device, open your Settings app, tap System Languages, App Languages, Select Lola Speak, choose English. Does that resolve your issue?

This is a great app among all the apps I have seen before. I have already installed many apps and uninstalled them all because none of them satisfied me and my needs. The method of this app is incredible and very innovative.

I try a lot of apps similar like this but this is the best I have ever seen really thank for the creators of this app it literally help me to improve my English skill and I advise to everyone to try it on your phone you’ll not going to regret

Really great app, I highly recommend you to use this app if you really want to improve your speaking. If you want to speak like a native speaker, just use this app

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