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Lolita AvatarWanna create a brand new pretty lolita character of your own, you’ve got the right choice.

With this application, you can design lovely cartoon and anime avatar at your wish. There are rich collections of eyes and haircuts of your desired color, eyebrows, mouths, beautiful clothes and background.

Just under your fingertip, you can create your favorite lolita freely. Moreover, you can make these figures as wallpaper or share with your friends.

Certainly, you can make your lovely artwork as your profile picture or sticker and upload it to your own blog or share it to Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, QQ and Line with your friends.

Notes:All data generated by this APP only exist locally,including the gold coins and the pictures. If you delete the app or the app’s data, it will clear your data to zero,no matter the gold coins are bought by you or got automatically.

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Lolita Avatar user reviews :

Good app! The only thing about it is after you’ve already created one avatar, it crashes and won’t let you do another avatar unless you’ve exited the app. At times you can turn off your phone, when it freezes and you know it’s gonna crash, and it will stop the whole thing from crashing. Other then the one bug I’ve noticed, it’s a fairly good app!

A fun relaxing game. You jump right into the outfits which is nice, and there’s enough variety to choose from, so you aren’t bored playing it casually. There’s some outfits you need to watch ads or collect in game currency for, but no real world money is used, which is nice. The area controls are on a slide, so watch out for that. There were some glitches early on, but I cut back on my data usage, and it seems to have done the trick. If all else fails, you can usually just restart the game.

This avatar creation app is truly amazing. It may look basic on the surface like the others but when you start messing around with the features, every part and look of the character is fully customizable and open to complete interpretation of the user. I highly recommend this app to anyone trying to create a character for themselves no matter the reason!

Love this app so much!!! But there are a few thing I thought were worth mentioning, 1: please add closed eye styles, 2: I think it would be cool if you could color the outfits, 3: I want to be able to personalize everything kind of like in gacha life but you can’t make it skin tone because that has caused problems in different games. Thnx for reading this!

There are so many options, few locked things & the fact that there’s an in-game currency instead of ads or paying real cash to unlock is rare, very interesting and a relief! But plz insert PANTS & more earrings & poses. To those who ask how to change skin colour, click on the outfits, then the button which looks like settings (on the left) & choose a palette for the body. Then do the same in the heads category.

Nice game, love all the options for hair, clothes, eyes, etc. However i do find 2 things really annoying: the blinking eyes and the color slider. The eyes are just distracting, but the color slider is VERY hard to use. But yeah i also agree with the misnamed title; it should be manga or anime avatar. But all in all good game.

I like this app, but at the same time I don’t like it. Because everytime I purposely move, for example, the eyes or the mouth something else moves with it and I keep getting frustrated! I tried unstalling and re-installing but it kept on doing the same thing. Whoever made this app, please fix this problem.

Quite a good app but alot of the items are locked. Most of the hairs have fringes so if ur looking to make someone you know without a fringe it’s hard to find the right hair. It’s also a bit odd that the app wanted access to take photos and screen record but I’m sure it’s nothing serious.

Since i installed this games im very thankful.all items are great and so very cute dress ,hair and etc.but after 1 day i got worried to this games ,its starting glitching and blackout whole games.when i return to this game it is working but a couple of seconds its starting again (blackout and glitching) and i have something that i read but i dont know HELP ME!! AFTER glitching , blackout somes words out (on restore instance state M1) i dont know where thus shame word PLS HELP ME ! i luv this

I love how you can change the colors but the game is difficult to use, and I don’t like that you have to unlock stuff. I love the color changing option, and I think we need more hairstyles and outfits in this game.

Really good app, many different options and cool clothes. The only problem is that whenever I select the Tail category, it goes back to the history of the other characters I made and deletes the character I was in the middle of making

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