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IndyxIndyx is the ultimate digital wardrobe app to seamlessly catalog, style, and resell your wardrobe in one place.

The Indyx digital wardrobe app is free to use. Our personal stylists give you weekly outfit suggestions, and selling on our resale marketplace is 100% commission-free! Need professional help? Indyx also offers accessible wardrobe cataloging and personal styling services on demand.

We built Indyx to unlock the potential of what you own.

We believe that seeing and tracking what we own lead to more conscious consumption; outfit planning is the secret to looking your best; reselling is a key step of wardrobe curation and an essential pillar of fashion sustainability.

Traditional wardrobe apps are clueless about how catalog, style, and resell can work seamlessly together to give you a more curated, conscious, and circular wardrobe. We built Indyx to do just that.


We give you the tools to create a beautiful digital wardrobe that is oh-so-scrollable. Indyx automatically removes the background and optimizes image quality for every item you upload. We all live busy lives, and Indyx makes having a digital wardrobe easier than ever. We offer professional wardrobe cataloging services starting at $195 to digitize 100 items from your wardrobe. An Indyx Archivist will come to your house to give you an instant digital wardrobe that is beautiful and functional.


Visualizing and planning outfits is quick and straightforward with Indyx. Once you catalog more than 25 items into your digital wardrobe, our team of personal stylists will start making weekly outfit recommendations for you. No random “outfits” styled by robots, real style inspirations with the right tips and tricks that make all the difference. After all, it is never just about what you wear, but also about how you wear it. Indyx is the one place to get authentic style inspiration for what’s already in your wardrobe from our trusted network of personal stylists.


Another key benefit of a digital wardrobe is that it makes selling your clothes exponentially easier, and Indyx delivers just that. List anything for sale directly from your digital wardrobe with just a few clicks and pay zero resale commission when your item sells. Not sure how to price an item? Indyx offers resale pricing support. You can also make your entire wardrobe shoppable if you had your wardrobe professionally cataloged by Indyx.


Catalog Your Wardrobe:
Automatic BACKGROUND REMOVAL and IMAGE OPTIMIZATION for the main product image to give you a squeaky clean digital wardrobe
Organize your wardrobe by CATEGORY, COLOR, and BRAND
Understand the composition and value of your closet through WARDROBE INSIGHTS & ANALYSIS (coming soon)
Access our PROFESSIONAL CATALOGING SERVICES for an instant digital wardrobe

Style Your Wardrobe:
Plan your own outfits with our OUTFIT PLANNER to always look polished
Make a PACKING LIST for your trip so you never forget an important piece
Keep track of your SHOPPING LIST to stay organized
Discover your personal style through our STYLE QUIZ
Get inspired by your STYLE FEED with outfit recommendations from our team of personal stylists
Book a STYLE REBOOT with your favorite stylist who really understands your wardrobe and your style

Resell Your Wardrobe:
List anything for sale on our RESALE MARKETPLACE with a few clicks
Get your item priced with our dedicated PRICING SUPPORT
Receive a PRE-PAID SHIPPING LABEL to ship your item
Pay ZERO COMMISSION, so you make more money from your sales

Join the digital wardrobe revolution to finally have a more curated, conscious, and circular wardrobe! It’s better for your style, better for your wallet, and better for the planet!

See Indyx in action:

Questions & Comments? Send us a note at hello[at]; we are here to help!

Indyx user reviews :

Love this app. Once you photograph all your clothes, it’s so convenient to put together outfits. It can be hard to get started, but I took an hour or two a day for a week and slowly worked through it. I have two thoughts that would make this app five stars for me: I would like to be able to add individual items to the calendar not just full outfits (sometimes I change parts of my outfit in a day) and I’d like to be able to add more than one photo per item (for convertible/reversible items)

This app is the missing piece to a sustainable wardrobe. The most sustainable clothing are items you already own. This app helps you organize your closet, purge what you don’t love, and style what you already own. Items are easy to catalog and v2.0 had major improvements in speed, organization and options. The app free to use and paid services that are game changers in styling. If you’re looking to be less influenced in 2024 and love your clothes, I wouldn’t hesitate in using this system.

I recently switched from iPhone to Samsung, and was pretty devastated when one of my favorite apps was no longer available on Android, so I downloaded Indyx to replace it. Needless to say, I cannot believe I didn’t switch to Indyx ages ago! The app layout is super user friendly, and the in-app background remover has probably saved me HOURS of editing the gaps of every single thing (including shoes and necklaces) in my wardrobe. Soo pleased with this app! You HAVE to have it!

  • Thank you so much Mercedes!

I’ve been using Indyx for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. The photo features are surprisingly great, it’ll detect tiny edges and add a white background perfectly. Cataloguing my wardrobe helped me clear loads of items out that I couldn’t part with before, because I realized they didn’t fit into any actual outfit concepts. I love that I can save an outfit when I wear something that I feel great in. Can’t wait to see how this app expands.

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