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[Game] Lop and Friends

Lop and FriendsHello! Lop and Friends are here to play out with you in a town filled with everyday fun.

Customise characters, explore exciting locations, uncover hidden secrets, there are endless stories to be told and adventures to be had.

Be whoever you want to be ! Become a farmer, scientist, mechanics, archaeologist, astronaut, and even superhero. Create your own wonderful story.


9 unique locations to explore: Home, Playground, Souvenir Shop, Green Park, Mysterious Cave, Laboratory, Planetarium, Museum, Workshop
Cute and friendly characters to play with
More than 50 outfits and costumes to dress up in
Fun surprises & hidden secrets to uncover
Various vehicles to ride
Learn about numbers, colours, shapes, landmark, planets & astrological sign
Go on fun adventures
No time limit or high scores — play for as long as you like!
No third-party ads!
Enjoy the musics

Lop and Friends user reviews :

First off it’s it’s amazing though but I recommend you fix those locked areas because I’ve scroll through them and they look amazing so I think you should unlock those things and then more people would have more five-star ratings so yeah you better fix that

Best game to play I’m addicted to this game. oh! before i forgot…..WHY IS THE OTHER IS LOCKED!?! I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!!. Can you pls just let plp install this then the lop bakery every money you get in the bakery is also going to the lop and friends and that’s what can you use to buy the other scenes. Just my opinion

I love this game it’s awesome and I love it it’s for kids I am nine years old loveing this game it’s great and it’s for everyone but I give it a there because no ads awesome and because I love the room and store it doesn’t cause money  so that’s awesome and just love it but two things I hate I don’t get two make my own choice two change the outfit and o so it’s hard two move the thing it’s not like other games for chid so I do love it and I hope you can change it bye

I love this game omg it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!! But why are the other locked man please unlock them so ppl can have more fun and rate you full 5 stars also this is a copy of Toca life world and I recommend Toca life world to ,it is better than this.

It’s good but you should add more and make it a little smooth also expand th no. of characters and when we slide them towards any direction they don’t move tooo……

This is good app, you can cook and dress your character i thought it’s kinda boring but not this game is very good and cute but the reason why I rate it 4 because other places is lock hope in update all place is unlocked

It’s a nice game but its boring sometimes if all places was unlocked it would be a great game and sometimes it would not work if it didn’t have all of this broblam it will be a great game

it’s not bad, it’s great. it was also nice and awsome. I’m addicted to this one, but can you please unlocked?

I think that this game is good but there are for locked this that are really cool. And I wish you could create your own character

This game, looks like a lot of fun and there are a lot of cute and adorable animals and places i love how they do different activities.

I like your game but ppl are getting mad at you because they thought all the worlds were unlocked but some were locked so please add a lock to the locked maps so we know witch ones are locked and witch one is not.

The characters are cute and you can cook its very cute gor kids to play so let them play this its really cute i love it so much and you can sleep its very cool

I love the game I love the car fixing part I love cars!!

I love this game, because it’s aesthetic and qurky and funny, and then the’res this thing that looks like toca boca but I still like it.

It’s good but the others are locked can you unlocked it? I gave you five stars That’s a promise And btw can you do it more characters and reactions like toca life??

This is so cute first I thought it was kind of boring but now I’m addicted to it I really like it but please unlock it all it would be nice and I rate it five stars cuz this is so good love it

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