Transport Manager Tycoon – Create one of the busiest airports ever

[Game] Transport Manager Tycoon

Transport Manager TycoonWelcome, Mayor!

Become the hero of your very own city and turn a small town into a prosperous metropolis with the best airport in the world! Deep dive into managing the different aspects of the transport hub lifecycle.

Create one of the busiest airports ever: construct infrastructures such as air traffic control towers, runways, and hangars, assemble a fleet of planes, and send flights all around the world! Watch your town blossom into a great city as you improve and upgrade unique buildings, attract additional passengers, and connect your airport to the most distant locations on the globe!

Create the transport hub of your dreams.
Assemble a fleet of cool planes and trucks.
Endlessly expand and develop the best city in the world!
Bring back rare artifacts from your flights and complete collections!
Take part in limited-time adventures and get special rewards.
Team up with your friends! Playing together is always more fun.

Transport Manager Tycoon user reviews :

Game is repetitive. Only way to really advance in this game is if you spend real money! You can’t rely on the drops in this game! Been looking for two items to drop from tasks that I do 10 or 15 times each time I play but still nothing drops. Need them to level up certain buildings! If you like game where you go in send your planes go down and send your trucks to pick up items to make items to complete food tasks this is the game for you! Leveling up takes for ever also!!! Might uninstall it!!!

  • Sorry to hear you are unsatisfied from our game. I hope you can enjoy our app again in the future. We try to do interesting game with challanges for players. You can get all item for your activity

Seems like this could be a rather great game, but there’s a major durability issue, You use up all 50 durability on your plane and then it takes 12 hours to repair while blocking the loading spots, You can’t move it over to the not currently using hanger while it’s getting repaired and after that 12 hours you only have 10 durability which means 10 1 minute flights or three 5 minutes flights. You can only use each plane for 20 minutes every 12 hours

Interesting game and having fun playing the game, but not enjoying the land expansions that are too small and hardly get land certificates. I wish we could use coins to purchase the land or even have a daily reward for logging into the game so you got one now and again. I just keep getting more vehicles.

This is one of those games where the resources become scarce after a certain level, and it becomes too difficult to advance without paying real money. I’ve played something similar to this before with the same results,only the graphics aren’t as good. It’s the same money making scheme only with a different twist.

  • Sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with the progress of the updates. I hope you can enjoy our app again in the future.

Great game, got me hooked but for the last week it’s not saving progress, it just resets everything after leaving the game. Wasted money buying stuff and now can’t play it. Poor… I had to edit my review as after being advised to submit a request to the game’s support team I had zero response and same issue persists. Even poorer than before.

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We’d love to help, so please contact our support team at and they’ll help you get playing again! Thank you for your feedback!

Good game. Great graphics need to make it easy to make money or reduce the value of things to keep the balance of fun and achievement! But an awesome job, keep it up

  • Thank you for your review! We will try to keep you enjoy

This game is 5 star hooked and always checking up on progress of flights and collections from tasks and factory orders. Will update my review if issue starting/loading of game is resolved from last 2 updates it’s not started up and frustrated as made good progress.

  • We’re sorry to hear that you’re having this problem! We’d love to help, so please contact our support team at and they’ll help you get playing again! Thank you for your feedback!

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