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[Game] Lost Lands 9

Lost Lands 9An unknown entity prowls the valleys and destroys everything in its path. Only a strong team of friends can cope with it.

Lost Lands: Stories of the First Brotherhood is an adventure game in the genre of Hidden Objects, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters and complicated quests.

Residents of the valleys are worried by the appearance of a mysterious villain. Information about incidents comes from different places. All witnesses talk about the same beast, which is so fast that it is impossible to see it. The most capable student of the Academy of magic will try to deal with this problem. A random partner and he follow the trail of the beast and help the affected inhabitants of the Lost Lands. However, friends are forced to look at the situation differently and change their plans after meeting the enemy. The adventure unites the partners and the “First Brotherhood” is born in the crucible of trials.

Find an unknown entity that is tormenting the entire area and unravel the mystery of its origin
See the story from two perspectives by playing as different characters
Combine the powers of the main characters to solve many puzzles together and defeat the evil
Discover new locations and indulge in nostalgia by returning to old ones
Find out what the world of the Lost Lands looked like hundreds of years before Susan the Warrior appeared.

The game is optimized for tablets and phones!

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Lost Lands 9 user reviews :

Really enjoying the game so far. In chapter 3, after placing the skulls on the totems I am now trying to “join the dots” unfortunately several times now the lines just disappear, I press reset to no avail. This means I have to come out and start over. This has happened several times now, there seems no reason for this and is really frustrating. On further reading of reviews, it appears this is the final mini game and is a glitch, that’s not been addressed. Therefore, I’m deleting the game

  • Thank you for your feedback and staying with us for so long! Please contact us at support[at]fivebngames.com, so we could ask you more details about your issue to figure it out as soon as possible!

The animation, storyline & mini games are great. Yes some of the games are challenging but practice makes perfect. Ive finished every game without paying a penny. A little rant to prevent any 1, 2 or 3 star reviews for these FREE games; f you are impatient or want an easy brainless game, this is not for you & if you have an issue, report it to developers first as it may be a problem with your device. I’d like to thank FIVE-BN for the time, money & effort thats put into making these games free!

  • Such comments inspire us to create more fantastic worlds and interesting stories for all our players! We appreciate we have such amazing players like you! Hope to see you in our next games soon! Yes, sure, contact us if you have any issue here: support[at]fivebngames.com, thank you!

I always enjoy 5BN Games. Enjoyed the puzzles and the storyline(Maaron & Fulner have known each other for a long time). I quite miss the bonus chapter after completing the main game. It’s fun to see who’s lerking in the background. I will say that some of the objects did not make sense (the 2 staff pieces for the statue) or were just not that visible. It’s nice when there is a good indication of what I need to do with an item. Overall I really enjoyed the game play and look forward to the next

  • Thank you for your comment! Your feedback helps us levelling up our games for better! See you in our other games!

Inferior quality compared to the other games in the series. The puzzles were extremely challenging, which I liked, but some of them were simply frustrating and even outright ridiculous, like the one with the cart in the mines (which was not even a puzzle but pure guesswork). The story feels a bit chaotic, the system of “I don’t need this item right now” is maddening at times, and some items are exceptionally difficult to spot. Overall, not as enjoyable as I expected, but it’s free, so that’s OK

I love 5 BN games. This one doesn’t disappoint with the puzzles. Lots and lots, some are actually challenging. But the game play was rough. In order to keep your items at a minimum, you can’t take many things until you “need” them which causes a lot of backtracking. Also, I forget where they are by then because I don’t need them until much later. Like I knew I needed it when I saw it, just let me take it! Also I beat the game but still had an area grayed out on the map that I never visited.

Love all ur games. It takes a while to release new games, but that tells me it’s a well thought out game w no glitches. I took 1 star away because I don’t like the fact that we can not pick up items that we may need later. I want to be able to pick up everything right when I see it, put it away, and when I need it, I’ll remember I have it and use it. I don’t want to have to remember where it is and go back to wherever it was I saw it. Quite frustrating. Otherwise, another awesome game!

  • Thank you for your comment! Your feedback helps us levelling up our games for better! See you in our other games!

The only puzzle I skipped is the stair one lol. The rest were easy to challenging but can still be solved without hints. The only thing I don’t particularly like is I can’t pick up certain things unless the story progress. I would like to be able to pick them up and figure about it later that it’s for this and that. Nonetheless, this was a great story, i really like Folnur. Please do more! Thank you.

Love love love your games. Best ever. Okay. Had to edit  this game differs a lot from the originals. Puzzles are a little confusing for starters. But the main change is…you can’t pick up items until you get to the part where they’re needed. Eg..on one stage you come to a tool shed. There are 3 items in it, that normally you’d be able to add to inventory, but you can’t actually get them until you come to the stage where they are required. It’s a hell of a lot of back and forth.

  • Thank you for your comment! Your feedback helps us levelling up our games for better! See you in our other games!

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