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[Game] Fate of the Foxes

Fate of the FoxesLegend tells of three fox brothers who once protected your town and were worshipped as gods, until one day, they turned on humankind.

Desperate, the townsfolk called on Inari, god of foxes, to save them. Her response was to grant a local girl the power to bring the three unruly deities to heel. Or so they say…

As a history student, you’re familiar with the story, but a visit to some local ruins brings the tale to life when you accidentally release the three fox brothers into the modern world. It’s up to you to uncover your heritage and seek the relic needed to set things right before chaos engulfs your town once more!

Uncover your destiny in Fate of the Foxes!


Norito – The Arrogant Alpha

Haughty and hot-tempered, Norito is the eldest of the three brothers and accustomed to having his way. He regards humans as a nuisance at best, if not an outright obstacle to his boundless ambitions. With eight glorious tails reflecting his strength, he requires only one more to achieve full godly status. In his mind, you can either be a help or a hindrance…

Mikoto – The Scheming Fox

The epitome of a cunning fox, Mikoto has a temperament to match his three ashen tails. Loath to let his temper get the better of him, he watches and waits, keeping his sharp eyes open for a chance to further his own interests. His sadistic nature means that the surest way to make him your ally depends on your willingness to offer your humble servitude…

Kanoto – The Charismatic Kit

As the youngest of the three brothers, Kanoto is the most inclined to view humans in a positive light, although he still treats them as playthings. Having only one tail, what he might lack in raw power he more than makes up for in enthusiasm. With his brash and fun-loving spirit, he might just be the ally you need to wrangle his brothers and set things right…

Fate of the Foxes user reviews :

Standard genius game system. It’s not great, but it’s far from the worst I’ve seen in visual novels. The issue I have with this game is that usually the love interests have pretty different personality types, but in this one they all felt like variations on the proud/arrogant kind of character. Since that’s one of my least favorite otome love interest personalities, I don’t enjoy this game. However, if that is your type, probably a good game.

I played this cause the character designs looked good but dipped too soon cause the plot was cliché and just bland as hell . I feel like the enemies to lovers troupe are too overused at this point.I suggest doing more medieval fantasy or sci-fi genres with the MC doing things that are interesting like actually being useful lol.

I have been a fan of your games for a very long time but of course if you couldn’t tell from the 3 stars I’ve given this games I have some problems with them. One of the problems I have is that you make the female lead completely defenseless or make them have a lack of common sense. These two things make it very difficult to relate to the character or even enjoy the story. Another thing I found concerning is that there are little to none bl Sims compared to the quantity of straight Sims you make

Finallu finished it! And I might say the twist was expected, but the twist with Aoi wasn’t; it actually shocked that that twist actually happened but in the end it was exciting, tho the ending with aoi wasn’t what I fully expect, it’s disappointing how short his ending was compared to the other characters. Overall tho the game is nice, the story aswell, and the character designs were amazingly spot on

A little disappointed, only because there wasn’t a real finish yet, normally they at least finish the main story before releasing the game, then add different seasons, but this one just left you in a weird limo state. May update after the update but honestly so far pretty decent game.

I was excited to play this game! and it didn’t actually feel to good for me..I wish you guys will make the mc more stronger in the story FROM THE START? Cause i dont want the mc to be so hard on herself..but more than that,the game was okay! The characters artsyles is always pretty! And the romantic scenes with the foxes never failed to make u go “eeeeeiiiiiii ” haha,I’ll be waiting for the 2nd season (if the second season would be super amazing I’ll rate this to 5)

I have read EVERY SINGLE genius inc game. And I absolutely love it. Keep up with the excellent stories, characters and gorgeous graphics. Thank you for letting me escape my world and join yours. Highly recommended

Wow! Wow! Wow!… I loved every minute and Inch of the game. From the Graphics to the Dialogue to the Characters. I Really think u should reduce the price for premium choices.. Thnks Gracias

There’s something wrong with the game where it doesn’t play ads like other games do. It’s hard to collect points if it doesn’t let me play ads. Please fix this

Well, now I understand why I felt like I was wasting my money on the premium choice because there is a season 2. I didn’t like the way the female lead was treated. Even though there is a season 2 I like that the premium choice of season 1 needed to be more interesting.

Please make season 2 for all the other games and this one it’s amazing I do recommend it but the cliff hanger is just I can’t explain all of ur games are just amazing but the cliff hangers are just a no please make a season 2 something of us can’t sleep well thinking of them we’re begging, I’m begging u please please finish what u started overall amazing I do recommend it the characters are amazing and the graficts are amazing thank you for the game

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