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Loud Alarm ClockOVER 3M DOWNLOADS!!!

Loudest alarm clock on the store!
Volume-boosted audio files!
Play random sounds each morning so you can’t get used to it


Add your own background from your photos or camera or choose from dozens of beautiful designs
Weather for your location
Select from the built in beautiful backgrounds.
Set a time at which you can’t snooze anymore!
Get fun voices like Stewie and Hermione that motivate you to wake up if you keep snoozing!
Beautiful, customizable alarm clock design

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Loud Alarm Clock user reviews :

Great alarm clock but only when it works. App is glitchy with working on your phone, most of the time the app does great, but every now and then the alarm clock won’t go off. Sometimes it’ll go off, sometimes it won’t, and sometimes it alarms 15 to 30 minutes past it’s scheduled time. Even set the alarm clock watching it once, it didn’t go off and the alarm clock even rolled over to the next day to alarm.

I am hearing impaired so I need something really loud for when I take my aids out. This has the best loud sounds. However, it doesn’t always go off. I started setting the alarms one minute apart. Sometimes both go off, sometimes one, sometimes none. I uninstalled the reinstalled it to see if it helped.

My husband and I use this application for being able to get up and start our day. It truly is super load and so easy to set up. We both highly recommend this application if you are hard to get up. I had to drop my rating because for some time now, after using the application for over a year and then some, it stopped working and only alerted me for one of the times I had programmed. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it. Hopefully, it will go back to working for me. I’ll let you know if it works again.

The only alarm that wakes me up! I’ve tried them all. The random sound selection is genius Update- After using it for months, it has randomly stopped working. The alarm either doesn’t go off or there’s no sound, not sure which since I was still sleeping when I was supposed to be waking up!!? Late for work & my kid was late for school at least 2 times this week because of it. Can’t let it happen again or I’ll probably lose my job, so I’ve downloaded new alarm apps to try. Fingers crossed!

Does a good job of waking me at daft o’clock when I’ve missed the normal alarm going off. However… there are issues. The adverts are unskippable, and on occasions they’ll keep coming back, sometimes an hour or two later, I confirmed DISMISS not SNOOZE. Also, I’ve missed too many calls because the alarm will often turn the ringtone volume down, almost into silent mode. Apart from that, it does a good job of getting me up for work when I start between 4-6am.

It’s nice to finally have an app that actually wakes me up in the mornings. I have problems waking up, and it’s even hard for someone else to wake me up while shaking me, but this app just has a wake up alarm so loud and so crazy that I can’t possibly not wake up to it (Buzzer). Thanks!!! I do however suggest doing a bit more in order to improve the UI and notifications.

At 66, I’ve started sleeping through morning alarms at least once a month–a new and unwelcome phenomenon. I wanted a loud alarm as a back-up for my regular alarm. In the past week, I’ve tried a half dozen loud-alarm apps. l was really surprised at how hard it was to find one that was (1) easy to set and silence and (2) worked. This one does.

I’ve been using this app for about two years to wake me up in the morning for work, as well as setting a spare alarm to remind me to do something before or after I get done with whatever I’m doing. Recently the alarm to wake me up in the morning has quit sounding off. I’ve tried resetting it, un-installing and re-downloading the app. Nothing has worked. The 1st one quit but any other alarm still goes off. And it keeps changing the sound I picked. . I’m downloading another alarm. Done being late

The default clock/alarm that came pre-installed on my device wasn’t working for me. The alarm sounds just weren’t enough to wake me up and I was sleeping right through them – not an issue with this app. The sounds on here are horrific. They’re unpleasant, jarring, and obnoxious. I hate all of them. It’s perfect. Option to randomize alarm sounds is smart. UX isn’t perfect but it’s simple and easy to use. Initial assessment is 5 stars. I’ll update if I run into any issues.

Does what they claim. You have a choice of some very loud average volume alarms. Will wake up the dead. Just what I wanted. Ads aren’t obtrusive in the free version. Tempted to get the paid version, though, to eliminate ads entirely and get additional features. After several days use it hasn’t failed to go off. It is hard to shut the alarm off. Must be I’m not pressing hard enough as after 3 tries the alarm does cease.

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