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Proton DrivePrivate and secure cloud storage and photo app brought to you by the world-class team behind Proton Mail and VPN.

Proton Drive is an end-to-end encrypted Swiss vault for your files, photos, and videos, that ensures nobody, except those authorized by you, can access your files. Over 100 million people and businesses have signed up for Proton.

Why use Proton Drive?

Safely backup photos and videos: Once enabled, your photos and videos are encrypted on your phones and automatically backed up in their original quality

End-to-end encrypted: The privacy of your memories is guaranteed by automatic and seamless encryption

Safegaurd your photos with an app lock – Prevent unathorized access to your private photos and videos with an extra layer of security using your phone’s PIN or biometrics to lock and unlock the app

Backup photos and videos of all sizes – Proton Drive does not impose any limitations on the size of photos and videos you can safely store and backup

Intuitive, user-friendly photo gallery – Photos and videos are presented in a user-friendly grid view and organized by month

Share photos securely: Share your private photos and videos with secure links and additional layers of security such as passwords, link expiration and access removal

Offline access for your photos and files – Safely access important photos and files on the go even without access to the internet by marking them for offline access

Metadata encryption: Actual content of your files and photos as well important metadata such as filename, file size, date of modification are protected by end-to-end encryption

Open-source and audited: Proton Drive’s uses open source software so that anyone can check our code, which has also been audited by third-party experts

Easy to use: Fast, reliable, and intuitive file storage and photo backup experience

Zero knowledge encrypted: all files are stored in encrypted format — not even Proton employees can read your files

Feature-rich free plan: Protect all your photos and files with strong encryption even on our free plan: no advertising, no data harvesting, and no strings attached

Swiss privacy and neutrality: Proton Drive is hosted in Switzerland, so your photos, files and documents are protected by the world’s strongest privacy laws
With the Proton Drive app, you can:

Backup photos and videos securely from your Android smartphone
Upload documents and store photos and videos from your mobile device
Share a secure link to your files or your photos with anyone, even those without a Proton account
Protect your account with a PIN code
Select and access your files or folders offline
Organize your files easily and securely in the app: rename, move or delete them

Proton Drive user reviews :

It feels slow and sluggish at times, especially while loading thumbnails. Photos in nested folders don’t sync. Empty folders can’t be selected for photo sync (it requires atleast one photo in a folder). The folder listing UI can be a lot more compact. Right now, it requires a lot of scrolling when there are a huge number of folders.

  • Thank you for your feedback! Not being able to select folders with no photos is currently expected. You will be able to select which folders to sync from by navigating to Settings → Photo backup (the nested folders will appear separately). If you are experiencing any issues with this, contact us at:

Unlimited subscriber here. Overall, app performance has improved significantly since initial release. However, photo backup is unusable at present. Besides extreme sluggishness of the backup, the images can’t be moved to other Drive folders once they are backed up. I photo document different projects where I need to move the images to different folders shared with other principals for those projects. It’s better and faster to simply select the images and upload them directly to the folder.

  • Thank you for your feedback, John! We’ve passed your request for supporting the option to move your photos between the different sections to the team internally. Please contact us at: with more information on the performance issue you’ve experienced, so we can look into it.

I love the app, but I would love to see some additions. I’d like to see the ability for the app to recognize certain files are not in the drive, then sync them. Currently, if I’ve uploaded a photo before, I can no longer upload it in the future, even if its been deleted in the drive. I had issues syncing, and so I had to delete the drive content and start over, leaving me with the inability to backup my photos. Other additions ill submit via suggestion.

  • Thank you for your feedback! Our team is already looking into ways on how to improve this experience going forward. If you have any other suggestions on what we can do to improve our app, feel free to drop us a line at:

Contact developer :


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