Jewel Galaxy – A mysterious universe

[Game] Jewel Galaxy

Jewel Galaxy  Here is the best match 3 puzzle game of all time.

What fun will happen to a mysterious universe, an alien planet?
Check out the mystical and beautiful appearances happening in space right now

We invite you to the challenging and exciting space world now!

Play Method
The Best Match 3 Puzzle Game of 2021
Dozens of different mission devices!
Don’t worry about Wi-Fi!
Play Offline Without Data (Internet) Connections!
Various missions and colorful graphics!
Experience 500 different stages!

1. If in-game does not save, the data will be initialized when the application is deleted.
The data is also initialized when the device is replaced.
2. It’s a free app, but it includes in-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements.
3. Front, banner, and visual advertising.

Please contact me via email if there is a problem!
We’ll help you quickly!

Jewel Galaxy user reviews :

This is a fun and addictive Match game. The necessary ads to keep this game free are minimal. You will lose track of time.

Very irritating adverts pop up in the midst of play. The chain of thoughts to make the next move is lost.

Ads are not intrusive. Game keeps me busy while on my “throne”. Yeah, NOW at level 214, the ads just pop up in the middle of the game…that’s intrusive…that’ll do it for me…UNINSTALL! I can appreciate the use of ads, and there was no problem until I went to make a move DURING a game and BAM!, ad appears. Couldn’t you wait, as you did in the first 200 levels, until AFTER the game is completed? Your explanation does not directly address my concern…minus 1 star
  • V2R
  • Hello, this is v2r. We know that advertising is uncomfortable. We are making puzzle games with the money we got from advertising. A 30-second advertisement appears when you receive an item or coin. I believe you will understand this part. Thank you.

V2R games are my go to stress relievers. I love to challenge my brain and I will be 70 years old next month, so I need to keep my brain active.

This is my second time trying this game. The first time I had built up 10,000coins and about 10 bombs, etc,for when it got harder, but then the screen froze and I had to uninstall, losing everything. I recomend just playing till it gets hard and move on to another game. I will say that it’s nice not to worry about “lives” in a V2R game, so far.
  • V2R
  • Hello, this is v2r. Your valuable reviews are a great help tao aus. We look forward to your continued interest and love. Thank you. Have a nice day today too
Sir, very nice game thoroughly enjoyed, I have completed all the 1500 levels, hope new level will be updated, thanks
  • V2R
  • Hi. v2r. It will be updated soon. We are a company that specializes in puzzle games. There are many other puzzle games here. Try while you wait. We look forward to your continued interest and love. thank you^^
Game is fun, and I don’t usually mind the ads. But when you see the same ad over and over again, 2 dozen times, it gets irritating. Don’t you have a selection of ads to play? 3/21/2021 Your game is giving me trouble. There are several buttons that you can tap to “watch a video and receive free coins” that are not working correctly. I am having to tap buttons 5-10 times to receive coins. Sometimes it won’t let me get any at all. There is a button marked “special bonus” that doesn’t work at all.
  • V2R
  • Hi. v2r. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Tell us more about the problem you’re experiencing I’ll help you. Please contact us by e-mail for quick confirmation. Thank you. v2rstd.service[at]
I like all the jewel games by this app creator whatever they are and it’s fun it’s got really pretty graphics I love the way they spell clear at the end of it the only thing that I would suggest to them is giving us the option of skipping the very end where you get to see the bonus time give you the option to skip that that would that’s the only thing that I would change with the game other than that it’s a fun game great app
  • V2R
  • Hello, I’m v2r. Thank you so much for enjoying our game. I will try to become a better v2r. Please continue to show a lot of interest and love. Thank you
You only lost a star because ads….but I understand that keeps the game free. Gameplay is simple and fun. Occasionally (very rarely) freezes for about 3-5 seconds and can’t move pieces but it clicks in and resumes.
  • V2R
  • Hello, this is v2r. Thank you so much for your valuable review We will try to becaome v2r that is more advanced We look forward to your continued interest and love. Thank you

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