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Lucky Block  This is a PVP game with a total of 8 teams, each with 2 players, and the team who survives to the end wins.

Players can get different weapons, armors and props by breaking the lucky cubes of different colors, and use them smartly to defeat enemies. The player who defeats the enemys the most in the game will transform into a dragon knight. Riding a dragon will make you super powerful!

Lucky Block user reviews :

This game is good but if you try and kill someone the game lags and glitches. I would recommend it but PvP is not so good. That’s why I don’t rate 5 stars. And no pickaxes

I love the game but the problem is that some team players all ways want to kill their other team player so that is why I gave it 4 stars only

This is a good game but 4stars because it lags and glitches when i want to attack somebody and my nrywork is fine please fix it

Good game there dragon this game wither more weapons and graphic is good I like it this game swords and I like very much death symther Good game.

THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!! I Recommend This Game Because When You Are Trapped On A Corner But All You Have Is A Fish Rod, You Can Just Hit The Enemy With The Fish Rod And Swing Him Off The Island!!!!! So Satisfying!!!!!

Very good game, at this point I am addicted to it. I would recommend this game for players who love minecraft pvp games

the prob is it takes too much to load like 2loading screens then enter lobby and then play, hope you make the loading screens lesser, it would be a pleasure thank you

Can we agree that the building is sooo slow please fix it I love this game soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

This game is fun but there is one problem there is no pickaxes in this game can u devs pls add picks pls I have problems with stone I sometimes get my self stuck that’s all thank u!

I entered the game and it said you need to update the game to play it.when I click update it shows the app in play store and guess what there is no update only open!!!

Great game, NOT it’s stuck on the loading screen and won’t let me play…. I think it’s my tablet it’s old

Verry good but some players dont know how to suit up and the graphics is good but some players actually not really want to play this cause of glitching and lag so if sandbox fun see this plz fix it

I love this game I lay it every day so fun Be ware of the fishing rods your te mat can poll you to the void and you die also there’s enderpralls no money also the chest is gowing tho chang every minute there also golden pals good luck.

This game is awesome the fishing rod when you hit someone with it you get their stuff

This is a best game this game all stuffs I like joystick sword and death sythe and I like void block I like all items

This game is very best but a problem the role character I cannot buy why plese fix this problem

You can get a Candy cain as a nockback weapon it’s insane Find out if your block is lucky or not Play to find out

It’s a heart game but make it so that you can play slos and make the island further from one another

This is good game but i gave it 3 star because It is online so when I am offline i can’t play so plz make it offline game but it a very Good game

I like this so i give 5 star and 1 problem many lag pls fix this app. Thanks

I give it a 4 star because everytime i try to kill somekne it lags or glitches please fix that and I will give u a 5 star

I Love the Game but the reason is my Game glitched and deleted my weapon and it is really annoying soo yeah that is why it is only 3 star

This is the best game ever had I been,so please make this better than every bed wars,and I update this it was so much fun when you uptade it was so better,so please make it so so legend game,i rate it 5 Stars

I got an ender dragon and i got so many lucky blocks and there are so many people and my friends are also there And this game is cool

This game is good but add something so I can make my aim better

The game is awesome and everything but how do you want a player when it his first time playing no instructions and by the way where are the pickakes how can you mine blocks with your hand and whatever the only pickakes I know it’s the death synthe it looks the same but it’s to slow to mine pls help fix it.

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