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RoutinMulti Stop Route Planner and Optimizer

Routin is a route planning app. It is quite useful for drivers who should visit many addresses daily. By using Routin, you can sort your stops/jobs optimally according to the chosen locations and finish your jobs in a shorter time.


Select the starting and ending stops or let Routin select the ending stop for you. Optimized order of stops can be seen in a list or on map. You can follow along your optimized route via a selected navigation app and enjoy your ride!

Key Features

You can add 300 stops per route and optimize them for free. If your credit is not enough, you can continue using the app by watching video ads, purchasing credits, or subscribing.
By optimizing your route, you can increase your daily deliveries and save time and fuel
Fast and reliable optimization algorithm. Don’t wait for optimization. Optimize 100 stops under 5 seconds
In your own language, you can use the voice input feature to add stops or notes
You can use Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Waze, Here WeGo or any other GPS navigation apps
Using notifications, you can confirm the delivery and start navigating to your next stop without leaving the navigation app
You can add extra information to stops such as phone number, email address, group, note, photo etc.
You can define a default note or message template. So, you can send a message quickly
You can start the optimization from your current location or from any stop on your route
You can quickly create your routes by pressing down on the map or searching for addresses
When adding addresses, you can quickly add them just by searching by street name and number
You can add stops by postcode in supporting countries (such as Great Britain, Singapore)

Address Book

Routin helps you to manage your contacts, customers, delivery or visit addresses using an Address Book
Store names, phone numbers, photos, locations (latitude, longitude) and addresses of your stops.
Import multiple stops data using a file (CSV, KML, GPX, XLS).
Import Google Maps starred locations.
Filter your stops according to name, address, or phone number.

Visit Records

Take notes and photos of your visit to a stop on a route. Share visit details and display past visit data.
Share your route details, display summary report about your routes and planned distances for a selected period.

The application is used extensively for the following sectors and jobs

Cargo services: Package delivery or package picking
Health services: Patient examination or care visits
Aid services: Municipalities or associations delivering aid packages or meals
Sales / Marketing services: Customer visits, product distribution
Personnel / Student transportation: Planning the shuttle routes
Tourism: Planning tourist services, creating a travel route
Planning of supply chain routes
Food delivery: Food delivery by motor courier
On-site installation, maintenance, and repair services: Repair, maintenance and installation services for air conditioning, white goods, electronic equipment
Daily milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, carboy water sales and delivery
Dry cleaning, carpet and seat washing services
Private courier services
Optimizing routes for reading electricity, water, and natural gas meters
Optimizing garbage collection routes
Planning meetings at multiple locations

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Routin user reviews :

I’ve only used the app once so far, and i like the setup. I like how you can color coordinate your stops and enter all the info needed for every stop into the notes. To me, it’s simplified pretty well.

When you input notes and press save, it never saves. The only way to make it work is to tap the stop, visit notes, add the notes and save, tap somewhere else on the map, and then tap the location again and now the note is there permanently. It doesn’t work if you add the note then press delivered. Or when you find address in the book and add a note. Other than that it works for me.

I really like this app. And I WANT to LOVE it. There’s a couple annoying glitches, though. 1) if I start my route using the app, about 1/4 of the time, it gets me MOSTLY there. Like, I type in 1254 Addison st. I might just get Addison St. Or I’ll get 1200 – 1300 Addison. 2) it’s been freezing my whole map so that I can’t see where I’m going without zooming out of the map. Not really safe while driving.

Only downloaded it last night and began entering the relevant information. So far I’m very impressed with the things it does and so far appears to do quite well.

This app just saved my life, it’s so easy to use, I can send a reports, save time EVERYTHING! I’m the best doing my job know

I pick up and drop off people, not packages. I need a way to specify that I can’t drop someone off before I’ve picked them up! Maybe the paid version with time constraints would allow that, but I’m not willing to pay to find out.

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