Lucky Merge – Use creative thinking to complete levels faster

[Game] Lucky Merge

Lucky Merge  No math required, however knowing to count will sure help!

Lucky Merge is a unique and colourful puzzle game, starring a cat named *Lucky* (a name better suited for a dog, some might say). Your game progress will help Lucky to complete his flower collection and discover new locations.

How to play: drag a tile with a number onto another tile with the same number to merge them and create a new tile! Lucky will guide you through the steps!


Fun and diverse levels

New chapters unlock as you progress, each providing a fresh scenery and unique game challenges
Develop your own game tactics: use creative thinking to complete levels faster.
Create your own interior design, renovate and unlock new rooms.
Gather ingredients, grow flowers and create a vibrant flower collection.
Dress up Lucky in funky outfits. Our cat wardrobe has a hat for every occasion!
Leaderboard mode: compete with players around the world.

Lucky Merge user reviews :

This is a very old game that as been revamped. Before there was no cat at all. Plus the game used too be hard as ell too pass the first few levels. We will see ow your new version pans out. Before you get 5 star’s.
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  • Good afternoon! Thanks for your detailed feedback! In our opinion, you are confusing this game with some other, but we hope you enjoy it!
Was enjoying the game until it got stuck on the flower screen. Keeps saying to click to use the items to grow a flower but nothing happens. Closing the game out and re opening does nothing either. Was a cute fun game otherwise.
  • qip games
  • Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We are really grateful, knowing you love our game makes us incredibly happy! We hope you will keep enjoying the game and it will bring you even more delight in the future! We will try to fix this soon!
Its fun, quick actioned, progressive and is not overloaded with ads. Thus far.
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  • Thank you so much for your kind review, it means a lot to us! We are happy to know you enjoy our game and manage to overcome the challenges ;) We are hoping you will keep having a great time in the game!
I enjoy merging something different besides objects so the numbers are great. The cat & graphics are cute. It’s also nice to play without the limit of energy. I can play this for hours!
  • qip games
  • Thank you very much for your feedback. Our team is pleased to read this!
Got to level 18 now there is just a white screen
  • qip games
  • Good afternoon! We are very sorry that you are having a problem with the game. Please update the game to the latest version via the Play Store – this should help.
So far i am enjoying it. And so far i think you guys did a great job on this game. Keep up the great job.
  • qip games
  • Thank you very much for your kind words We are so glad that you find our game exciting to play!
Addictive! Light challenge and a fun passtime. Very enjoyable even if you don’t spend money, this is very refreshing and rare!
  • qip games
  • Hello! Thank you for the feedback.
Love it! SIMPLE and easy to play game.
  • qip games
  • Hello! Thanks for your feedback. We are glad that you enjoy the game.
Very nice game.. Like it to play.
  • qip games
  • Thank you so much for your review!
Really fun game so far.
  • qip games
  • Thank you so much for your review!
Level 40 is a dead end
  • qip games
  • Good afternoon, everyone goes through level 40, if something freezes or does not work for you, record a video of the level and send it to us please! luckymerge[at]
To me this game is nothing special. And very boring.
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  • Good day! Thank you very much for your feedback. It’s a shame you didn’t like the game. Our developers are trying to make the game as good and interesting as possible for all players!
Nice game
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  • Good day! Thank you for the comment!

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