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Mr Knight

Fond of casual puzzle games and hero quests?

How about hero rescue games?

Well, you found just the game for you!
It’s everything you love so much – logical puzzles and pin rescue!
Many different levels, lots of puzzles and epic treasures of hero wars which only the smartest will be able to obtain!
Use your brain to go through all the challenges.

You will enjoy the very bit of our hero rescue game!

Many missions with multiple choices are waiting for you.
Help the epic hero raid the castle, upgrade his armor and skills, rescue the princess and defeat the enemies!
Pull the pin (correct one!) to figure out how to get the treasure, defeat monsters, and save the girl and bring her home getting out of the evil castle’s ebony towers!
Evade lava pitfalls and traps, or even use them against the monsters, like orcs, skeletons and war goblins!

Well known “pull the pin” mechanics
Realistic liquids and traps physics
More than 150 unique levels and hero war quests
Levels become more difficult as you progress in the game
Smart castle raid pin puzzles
Funny brain out minigames
Your own upgradable home castle
Simple and addictive gameplay. Among the other hero rescue puzzle games, this one is fully playable offline. And it’s free to play!
Don’t get fooled, it’s not an easy game! Wrong actions lead to painful but funny outcome.

Explore a new story in the hero rescue puzzle games genre!
Do you think you’re smart enough to solve all the brain-out puzzles?
Only small % of players can beat our rescue hero war game to the end!

Let’s get started! Remove your first pin, kind-souled knight!
Become a legend in the tower hero wars, richest knight in the kingdom and find your love!

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Mr Knight user reviews :

Bursting with potential! The basic game is actually well enough built, and the graphics are original enoug, I kind of suspect it was the original game that all the stupid “pull the pin” ads you see were based on. But it also lacks that final polish that would make this a must play game. The story is barely hinted at, the different parts of the game are disjointed, and all the cool mechanics that are built into the game are just begging for a really good level designer to use fully.

The game feels like it’s too easy and there’s way too many ads but in all fairness most games now have ads and as I have learned the puzzles are harder later on. I do wish the ads were a little shorter, but I have noticed the graphics are pretty well done so I decided to look it over again and found my

  • Hi! We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with our game but respect your opinion. Thank you for your feedback; we will forward it to our development team.

Hi, This is a challenging game. Only very few games like this exist. Levels are good. However, there are some concerns and improvement suggestions. There is no way to replay old levels. Some levels are not crossable. As well the skip levels can be enabled after viewing a video or if someone tried that level for 5 times or so. Deduct some earnings if something like this happen. More over re-playing old levels would add more fun.

Love the game, 200 levels thst are if varying difficulties. I have reached the 200 level and am awaiting patiently for more levels however when you reach the last level, it appears you lose access to the map to replay and older level again. If you can do an update and give access to the map would be greatly appreciated, until some more levels are developed.

Is there an update coming?Why does it say over 1000 puzzles when I can only play 215? Why can’t I look at the map and go back to previous levels? The first 215 levels were good but I will probably uninstall since I literally can’t do anything else. I was ready to make in ap purchase to avoid ads and stuff but I’ve already gone as far as I can go so what’s the point?

  • We are happy to see that you are waiting for the updates. We are working on the new levels. They will come out as soon as possible. The map will be available in the future too. We can’t give you an exact date yet but we hope you can wait a bit.

I love this game. Really fun and delivers exactly what the ad for it promises. (I’m not sure what the “room upgrades” are for though). Well worth paying a couple of dollars to remove the ads. I don’t understand why people object so strongly to paying such a tiny amount for a good game! Do you really think game developers should give us their work for free? They need and deserve to be paid for their work, just as you do. Either pay, or let them get paid by advertisers.

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