Lumber Empire – Make the world go round

[Game] Lumber Empire – Idle Wood Inc

Lumber EmpireAxe down trees & opened a wood processing plant convert them into wooden planks!

Features of Lumber Empire:

From peeling to slicing to planking the wood, the higher the quality the product can be sold for more money!
Unlock machines and movers to make the world go round!
Hiring managers to help you improve your business efficiency!
Hire more lumberjacks and become the richest tycoon!
Participate in logging competitions and get tons of rewards!

Lumber Empire user reviews :

I am stuck in the first zone with %99.4 and can’t get the last %0.6 to get to the next zone. I have every upgrade and don’t know what to do to progress. It has no explanation and I can’t find a support button. Rating will change when this is fixed or I get help or somthing

way too many ads & pop ups. I would get about 30 seconds of gameplay, and then an ad would run. This game really pushes for pay for play too

I’m very disappointed with this game. Play is fine, and the graphics are good. But the ads are crazy. I had to pay the 5 bucks to stop the ads that interrupt play every few minutes. And now there are still ads you must watch to really proceed in the game. Lots of ads… If I am required to pay to eliminate ads, then you should eliminate ads….

It gets boring. Sooooo many ads that I eventually took the plunge and purchased the game to remove the ads. After finishing the first town/area, you move on to the next but lose all the money you saved up and basically start again (except for the workers,etc that you gather along the way). When I saw that it basically ended for me as its just boring now.

fun if you like watching 1min long advertisements more then play then this game is for you. Fun game if I could actually play without being forced to watch advertisements. I have YouTube already. there’s no need for this game for me personally

Decent game. However, I purchased the motorcycle on a different device, but now that I have a new phone, it’s telling me I have to pay for it again. All my other purchases were transferred but not the motorcycle.

Could be a fun game if it weren’t for so many ads. Why do I need to watch an ad just for collecting my money? Oh well. Uninstall for now.

God game needs some work refining and that I lost all my game stuff, money, gems and progress to, but in the challenge my stuff still there, probably should make sure that doesn’t happen all the time.

I like the premise of this game. it is quite addictive, however it needs a lot of development. pros fun and addictive slightly strategic have to plan ahead a little can play for free – lots of ads of course can reduce ads by purchases. cons I can’t seem to create a profile lost most progress once. not able to contact developer in game slows down occasionally, but not for long. It will be a great and fun game once issues are sorted. I’ll delete it however if I lose my progress again.

this game very nice the graphics are very good but there are two reasons that i am giving four star 1) the ads are continously coming when i take money from station the ads coming 2 ) when i upgrade the machines of game the rate of purchasing item is very high this two reasons were there i request you to solve this problem in time

Well executed, easy to play. The ads however, reduce the fun factor. I prefer games I have the option to watch ads. Which I usually will because I love getting free relevant stuff for my time.

Love the game it’s a lot of fun tons to do. But I’m having issues with the game crashing

1 extra Star for game play, but forced ads when you achieve/collect a big sum of money just hurts the potential of this game

Pretty decent game overall but my husband lost all his progress 2% away from the third map. Also, what happens after the third map is at 100%? Nothing happened and I’ve completed it

It definitely keeps you busy, especially just starting out trying to figure it out. All in all, a fun game

I finished the three levels. Now what? There are many comments about the ads and they do get in the way, but it’s a free game so I don’t mind that much. This is the kind of game you play because you have idle time that you want to occupy without making a large investment.

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