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Booris Spooky TalesIt was an era when ghosts were prevalent.
Boori, the exorcist, had his body taken away by a ghost
and just barely managed to stay alive
inside a crow’s body…

Will Boori be able to seek his revenge against the ghosts
and become human again…?

Excerpt from the ghost-hunter crow’s training journal –

Battle, in your ghost-hunting adventures
Auto idle battles against the swarms of ghosts!
Flick your charms and cast your skills!

Learn, the ultimate skills
Enhance the 7 types of skills endlessly, including Flame, Water, and Darkness!
Inflict superior damage & battle with vivid skills!

Become, the greatest ghost-hunter
Want more power? Beat the Elemental to get promoted!
Collect unique costumes while you’re at it!

Demolish, the boss dungeon
Dodge and attack! Use your quick controls!
Take down the boss ghosts in the Hell and Afterlife Dungeons in no time!

Grow, to be more powerful than ever
Divine Beast: Pray to the Divine Beasts and gather their spirits!
Raid: Gather the ghosts and sweep as many as you can!
Equipment: Complete the great Exorcist Sword!

Booris Spooky Tales user reviews :

I really enjoy this game. While it is your typical idle, the story, characters, and different tasks give it more layers. I am disappointed with the p2w aspect. I get it, but I wish there was a more level playing field. My only big complaint is that sometimes I get kicked from the server, and it restarts the count of my current task.

I absolutely love this game! The music is amazing, the visuals are good, the controls are easy. It’s perfect. it’s not too challenging and not too easy either. And it’s not super repetitive. And it’s not just an afk drag your finger around game, you actually have missions and you can upgrade your skills I love it. I love this it’s so cute!

  • Mori, we’re honored to get such a great review! Glad to hear that you also enjoyed the art and music. While it’s always challenging to find the perfect balance between making the game engaging and easy, it’s great to see that you enjoyed it so far. Make sure to join our official Discord to check out our events!

I thought this games artwork and game play looked cute. When I opened the game, I submitted my user, then got onto the privacy policy page and agreed to all but then got stuck on that screen. I know that the screen is not frozen because the music plays the same. I can still hear the noise when I press the start button, and it still allows me to uncheck and recheck the privacy policy agreement buttons. I don’t know if maybe it was the recent update maybe?

  • Hi, Soap_1308. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We found the issue you described in the latest version, and an update with the fix for the issue will go up later today. We will keep you updated when the version becomes available on our official community.

I pre-registered for this and it was well worth the wait! I love the art and gameplay, of course, but I find myself mostly loving the characters! There’s plenty of wit and story, added seamlessly into a game built to play for as long or short of a time as you want each session. Absolutely recommend this. Free to play with pay options that don’t break the system—enjoyable for all!

Another great find! Amazing work, Devs. By the way, so far I’ve found a bug in the game. After submitting coupon, when I return to the game, it goes to landscape mode by default, even if the setting is in portrait mode. Switching the modes makes it normal. Not a big deal for me, but I am sure you guys might wanna look into it. Keep it up, guys!

Very charming idle game. , magic survival style , but really idle. Graphics are minimalistic and charming. Music is very relaxing . Choises and strategy are missing from this game. Not real difference forany build or play style. Cannot have warrior type. Fire mage or whatever , in this game you just increasing your hit point and damage with several ways, so basically if you playing 100 times ( restart fro scratch) you will get same results every time.

Two main obstacles to enjoyment: 1. Opening the menu does not pause gameplay. AI is so braindead that spending one minute enhancing skills, equipment, etc can easily cost you 20+ levels. 2. Game force quits every 10-15 minutes, resetting goal progress. Getting 480/500 kills only to have to reboot to 0/500 feels bad. I like the aesthetic and gameplay but these are major problems.

Cute and easy to play Idle RPG stylized game where you can either let the character do its thing or control the character where you want to unlike other Idle RPG’s. So far it doesn’t seem p2w so I’m happy with that Will come back and edit if otherwise but until then happy gaming! Edit: it’s f2p but if you want to be in the top ranks then you definitely need to pay. It’s alright tbh. But after playing for some time the monotonous gameplay gets boring for me. Nice game. Monotonous gameplay

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