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[Game] Lumbercat – Cute Idle Tycoon

LumbercatHealing Adventure with Trees! “Cat Lumberjack: Cute Tycoon Game”
Enjoy your forest healing time

In the place illuminated by morning sunlight, the world of “Cat Lumberjack” awaits you.
Here, cute cat lumberjacks chop wood and turn logs into magical products.
The skill of our cat friends in handling wood is admirable and cute!

Life with Cat Lumberjack
Our cat lumberjacks, as cozy as warm cocoa, have exceptional talent for creating beautiful homes.
Watch their skilled hands transform wood into cozy nests.
Stress-free Gameplay
Filled with warm graphics and comfortable sounds, this game is perfect for anywhere.
Enjoy healing time with cats at home, office, or café.
The sounds of cutting and trimming wood are like ASMR~
Easy yet Deep Management
Managing the wood business is simpler than expected.
Cat lumberjacks efficiently handle everything. Click, click~
However, strategic choices are needed. Invest in new machines and hire more cat managers.
Idle Tycoon for Everyone
Highly recommended for all ages and cat lovers. It’s very easy to play.
It’s fine to step away; cute cat lumberjacks will carefully manage the factory.
Upon return, find more achievements waiting.
This game is for:

Cat owners!
Those who love games about cats and trees!
Those interested in wood management and nature!
Enthusiasts of tycoon games for children!
Fans of healing, idle, and management simulation games!
Those preferring offline games without internet needs!
Single player and free game enthusiasts!

Looking for a game with cute cats? Download “Cat Lumberjack: Cute Tycoon Game” and experience healing

Lumbercat user reviews :

I really love this game, it’s so cute and really well put together. However on my Pixel Fold the game has frozen my twice. Whenever it freezes I have to reset my phone and uninstall and reinstall the game to continue playing. When you reinstall the game you have to reload your last save, so it’s hard to want to keep playing when I am scared of losing all my progress unless I save every five minutes.

I play a lot of Cat Cafe so I was excited about this game. I really like the game and concept so far. The only issue I have is leveling up the manager cats feels like it’s taking quite a long time and I would suggest having two types of wood storage. Production gets messed up when my storage is full with one type but the order is for another and the forklift just goes back and forth and everything sits at a stand still. Only option is to cancel the order and lose the reward, unfortunately.

The game runs nicely, the graphic look nice like their previous game, there’s a lot of stuff that need to get upgraded etc, the game become quite grindy, pretty quick. The forklift AI need to be improved, make them prioritise the sector that have less log instead of trying to split them equally between sectors, which slow down the production line.

It is buggy for sure. There is a lot of improvements to be done, very annoying when i have spent money on in-game stuff that bugs out. But i have been playing snack bar for a long time and i really enjoy it, and the developers are often updating it and adding content, so i have no doubt this game will become great as well. I hope they take time to look at the reviews, it has a lot of good feedback.

  • Hello, I’m sorry, but could you tell us a bit more about your situation? Please follow the procedure below to send an email. 1. Enter the game. 2. [Settings – Save & Load]. save game 3. Touch [contact us] to tell us the problem in detail. (Photos or videos are a great help.) I will wait for your mail. thank you.

Was: 2* Great game but, missing rewards from pirate event and missing gold from orders. Edit: Oops, misunderstood the pirate rewards. My bad, those are working correctly. Double checked the order gold rewards still aren’t working correctly. I’ll email a bug report to support, though I assume the QA team already know about it.

  • Hello, please confirm that upon order completion, gold is paid out as the truck leaves. Up to 185 gems are awarded from pirate rewards. 1000 are not gems but star mission points. Please check on the rewards screen. If you have any questions or need help while playing the game, please email us through [Contact Us] within the game. thank you

Update: Thank you much for listening and working on fixing the freezing bug. The game has been working basically perfect now and I love the pirate event that was added. I really enjoy the game but currently there is a game breaking bug where the cats freeze. You have to close the app and reopen for them to restart but the bug will happen again sometimes within a minute of reopening. I really hope this bug is being worked on and fixed soon.

  • Hello, Rachael. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please let us know the situation so that the development team can check the details of the problem that occurred? – If you can send a screenshot/video, it will be of great help. After ‘saving’ the data, please send an email to ‘Contact Us’ within the game. ( support[at] )

Good gameplay and art style but, there’s few bugs i found. When the game assign a mission, the game softblock it, and either when they place the log to the second to last machinery, both demarker and sawmill are not proceeding to finish the log cutting, and the forklift from wood warehouse with automatic on too. I have to reset to fix that issue while playing, but the forklift still not proceeding to pick up the cutted wood.

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