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Lumosity MindCreated by the experts at Lumosity, Mind is meditation made simple. Our guided practice introduces you to mindfulness with bite-sized sessions that all can enjoy.

Focus on what matters most with daily meditations that cater to your interests and experience.

With Mind, how you practice is up to you:

Daily recommended sessions based on your interests
Explore an expansive library of guided courses on topics like Kindness, Sleep, and more
Find your meditative mood with Dark Mode

Download today and discover what your mind can do. Happy meditating!

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Lumosity Mind user reviews :

I really miss the subdued blue lighting an the symmetrical blue dot. The bright yellow blob is not conducive to rest, relaxing, or sleep. The voice seems less soft then it was when this was being previewed on the brain training app. I do like the longer sleep sessions, but again the bright yellow blob is a complete miss!! It is completely contrary to sleep. Time will tell if I stay with this version. I did like the way it was when it was being previewed originally.

Love that they split this off from the original app. I’ve done ~100 minutes of meditation so far. Content is all in one voice. Consistency of recording quality, tone, etc are all important, so it’s nice they made that effort. The sound awareness meditation is a bit annoying. She tells you to pay attention to sounds but then talks over that moment making it impossible to focus. It would also be nice to have freeform sessions. Right now you’re limited to 15 minutes. Overall its a good start.

I’ve gone through the first session when it was still on the original lumosity app, and it was awesome. I’m still going through the first session again, now, but I expect everything else to be as gentle and helpful as I experienced it before. Great content, and great guidance. Would recommend as an excellent guide to meditation.

Temporarily uninstalling it’s not small in size. Was able to restart “getting started” course. It’s helpful. Wish they’d give users the option to activate non intrusive ad banners to make more content available for free in “fundamentals”. The app screen is just blank anyway while doing mindfulness. Why but use for ads and free beginners course. That would be a win win for them and for those who are not earning and job searching.

Very pleased with the variety of targeted mindfulness programs to choose from as well as the ‘experiencial’ component when using the voice guided exercises. I have used other meditation/mindfulness apps in the past, and this has been the best experience by far. I am a long time (10-15 yrs) user of the original Lumosity app as well.

I’ve been playing Lumosity brain games for many years now so I have no doubt this app will be just as useful. I’ve started the mindfulness course and so far app is running without a glitch. I also loved the first few exercises because they seem to slowly introduce the concept and don’t take much time daily. It’s very useful at a time like this. Thank you.

It does give me alot of time to practice the breathing and I don’t feel rushed to do anything at all The sessions are short and they really do help to practice mindfulness I would recommend this to anyone who wants to be a bit more focused in Life

This meditation app is one of the best I’ve used. I like that it has a ton of sessions and topics for free. It’s been wonderful to have access to fundamentals to practice but also specific sections for calm, resilience to stress, and much more.

Where’s the blue dot?! I rather have the blue enlarging circle than that malformed yellow randomness. There’s no symmetry, I get irritated looking at it. At least with the blue circle there’s symmetry and interactive breathing synchronicity. Also the voices before were much calmer, now it’s just too …perky. maybe just put them in other categories, not on everything

Overall, EXCELLENT. I am a long-time lover of the Lumosity Mind Training and this Meditation App. But I can’t help but take down a star from my previous review (something I haven’t done before). This is because for so many WEEKS that I have been using it, the “Error Downloading” in lessons is always a problem whenever I’m on cellular data. I have to UNINSTALL THEN REINSTALL the app every now and then, and sometimes the “Error Downloading” is still there. I can’t meditate everyday coz of this!

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The application has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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