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Rhythmic Breathing MeditationThe way we breathe determines the way we live.

Relaxed, harmonious breathing signifies health, calmness, a steady pace of life, and high stress resistance.

That’s meditation, in which the body breathes in step with the mind.

Our breathing depends on our own state of mind and changes along with it. It can therefore vary between being energetic and elevated when we’re excited, frequent and shallow when we’re stressed, or free, even, and smooth when we’re calm and relaxed.

By controlling our breathing, we can manage our own well-being, calm our emotions, and improve our health.

Deep, relaxed breathing improves the exchange of gases in our lungs, affects the functioning of all internal organs, and reduces stress. We become calmer, more relaxed, and thus more successful.
Our quality of life improves, we have more energy and strength, and our health improves.

In this app you’ll find:

training for how to breathe in a relaxing way
rhythms that are suggested by Yantra yoga, the Tibetan yoga of breath
statistics of your activities
personal training settings
interesting information about breathing

At the core of the system of rhythmic breathing lies ancient Tibetan knowledge about breathing. Nowadays, this knowledge can be found in Yantra yoga, a Tibetan yoga of movement. This training is one of Yantra yoga’s pranayamas. The precise rhythm and how to properly develop it were described many centuries ago and have survived undistorted to this day.

The training involves following the four phases of breathing: the in-breath, holding one’s breath at the end of the in-breath, the out-breath, and holding one’s breath without any air (when the lungs are empty). If you follow these phases in a specific rhythm, your breathing will become peaceful, your mind will relax, and your emotions will become harmonious.

Rhythmic Breathing Meditation user reviews :

The app is great. Just missing one thing. There needs to be description which breathing excercise does what. Which one is for sleep, which one is for energy…ect.

  • Hello! Thank you for feedback! There is a description in the instructions for each exercise. You can find it in the Wiki (via the app bottom navigation or the “i” in the exercise-picture).

Simple to use, customizable. Excellent! We use in the sauna. Haven’t seen any ads pop-ups. Thank you.

  • Thank you Jim!

I’ve tried a lot of breathing apps including a few good ones and this is one of the best.

  • Thank you very much!

Better than all that hippie guided meditation, good for just focusing your mind for a bit

  • Thank you!

if you’re not sure you can do it every day by yourself, this app will give you a structure to do it.

  • Thank you for feedback!

I really like this app. It’s easy to use and I have not seen any adds! Good job

  • Thanks a lot, Sonia!

I have been using this breathing technique for a while and it helps settle my mind for sleep. So many thanks.

  • Thanks a lot!

So glad to find this i am getting over a bout of pneumonia and using this to strengrhin my breathing (check with your dr before trying it)

  • Thank you so much for the review! We wish you good health!

I think that this app is great for when people are beeing stressed at work, or in university. by following this app, they can relaxe, and focus on solving problem calmly, not furiously.

  • Thank you for feedback! We are glad you like our app

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