Lunar Racer – Boost your way through the solar circuit

[Game] Lunar Racer

Lunar RacerThe real space race is about to begin! Sure there’s racing games… but then there’s racing games with powerups!

Ever tried racing with homing missiles, land mines, bubble shields and gravity thrusters? Yeah, didn’t think so!

Shoot, dodge, blast, and nitro boost your way through the solar circuit. Achieve the ultimate prize and conquer the solar system by beating any competitor in your way!

From the creators of Super Stickman Golf, Lunar Racer is the next free casual racing sensation! Lunar Racer brings racing games to the next level.

Lunar Racer user reviews :

Although the game is good I beat it in a day and they haven’t updated the game since 2012 in addition not enough moons and take a long time to grind to get new cars and no multiplayer which could really help this game and make you want to play it more tip: play Callisto on amateur and get all the moonbux

I really enjoy it. But level is limited..plzzz add new challenging levels..but game is really good all feturs grafics control are very smoot…

Best racing game in the entire galaxy . Perfect controls, splendid tracks, mind blowing racers.

To me even though I’m 15 its nostalgic and brings good memories, I wish you would update so we could save data with google play and have multiplayer

Great game! I like the 7th and 8th planets moons in the next update!! (And the dwarf planet pluto moons)

good game very easy and enjoying more levels ?

The game was more different between the car games……

Great game need to add more moons though

everyone is so much compedive to each other and I have been waiting for a game like this

I like this game i have nuthing with this game.

Should have a Uranus tour and a Neptune tour at least

The concept of the game is actually pretty good. But at least for me, I found the controlling the tilt of the vehicle too unstable, control seemed more of a matter of luck than effort or skill. Perhaps it’s my phone or lack of practice, but I’m not interested in putting more time into it.

Only drawback is only a limited number of levels and achievements – doesn’t take long to win and collect them all. Otherwise very fun and never a single glitch. MORE LEVELS PLEASE :) Also, NO ads and no pay for play

Thank you Noodlecake for all your great games, like Flow or Super Stickman Golf (which I highly recommend). My only problem with this game is that there should be more moons, but I understand. I’ll send you some track ideas; that’s how much I enjoy this game.

Kyocera Hydro: I like this racing game. I’m 52, female, and like that I can get to Pro level. Sometimes game hangs for a second, but think its my cheap phone. There are many, many, courses and levels. Some are very hard, some aren’t. I would like cars to be a tiny bit bigger. Ads are shown between games and not too intrusive. Well done!

Gives you something to try for. And lots of choices. I really like it. Two thumbs up.

Great control. But some of the maps are a bit dull. No incentive to unlock maps since they’re not any different in racing experience. There’s no multiplayer which would make this game last very long. Now it’s just a time waster for a few days at best.

Once you figure out how it works, it can be fun and challenging. DESPERATELY NEED NEW LEVELS AS PROMISED FOR YEARS!!. Used on off for year and despite promises for new levels, none have strived so it gets boring after a while.. Ads have gotten more intrusive bit not a big deal. Just finally give us more levels & maybe something else original like new power ups or challenges to avoid. Other whose once you finish levels. + doesn’t take to long, game play is over

Two of the cars (8th and 11th one) I bought show as the default cars. Also I would LOVE some new tracks! Maybe even one where you jump from planet to planet by breaking past the gravity.

Sounds are shown as muted on he first screen, but it is not, switching it on and off mutes sounds. Very nice game. And not saving lap results, showing 0 after starting the app

Iove this game. The bonus goals are challenging and fun, and the moons in each planet are fun and unique to play and explore. I highly recomend this game to everyone.

Pretty good, I don’t like how you get blown up by your own bombs thougj, other than that, awesome game.

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