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LYSSAWelcome to LYSSA, a casual role-playing game where you can make friends and form alliances with players worldwide. It’s not just about battles, but also about fun and сhat!

In this mesmerizing world, the focus is on exploration, social interaction, and enjoying the journey with others. Each hero in your team offers unique abilities that add charm and charisma to your quests. As you traverse the map and complete engaging quests, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, chat with friends, and build your own community within the game.

Collect a variety of charismatic heroes, each with their own special abilities and enchanting backstories. Enjoy watching them evolve as you progress through the game. Your heroes aren’t just fighters; they’re characters with personalities that add to your social experience.

LYSSA: GODDESS OF LOVE is all about connecting with others. Join guilds to meet like-minded players, share strategies, or simply chat and enjoy the company. Participate in light-hearted, real-time PVP battles that are more about fun and interaction than intense competition.

Download LYSSA: GODDESS OF LOVE for free and dive into a world where the adventure is enriched by the people you meet and the friendships you form!


A focus on social interaction and building connections with players around the world.
A casual, easy-to-navigate game ideal for both new and experienced players.
Chat and form guilds to create lasting friendships and alliances.
Collect and customize a range of charismatic heroes.
Participate in enjoyable real-time PVP battles and social events.
A beautiful, inviting world with captivating graphics and locations.

Additional Features:
Engage in fun, casual gameplay perfect for relaxing and socializing.
Enjoy the game at your own pace, ideal for players who enjoy a more laid-back experience.

LYSSA: GODDESS OF LOVE is free to download and play, with optional in-game purchases available. A network connection is required for playing.

For assistance, please contact us in-game by navigating to Settings > Support.

LYSSA user reviews :

Played for awhile and the game looks great and gameplay is impressive. It is very pay to win if you want to progress. The weekly quests have 3 parts but part 3 you to progress or get very very lucky. If you are happy to plod on then it fun but just be warned to get to higher levels you need will be to pay huge amounts. Updated. Game encourages gambling and you can’t get anywhere in weekly events without paying shame as core game is solid.

  • Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this. Our team is constantly working on balancing the game, we appreciate your input. We’ll be sure to pass along your arguments to our game designers. If you have any ideas to make our game even better, please send them to Good luck and have a blast playing!

I have had an issue since the last update, and have been reached out to by the game devs. We are working on a resolution. Keeping my review at 5 stars. This is truly a unique and beautiful game. Great hero art, engaging battles and events. Plenty of rewards and constant updates. The battle system could use some tweaks. Considering we don’t get to choose who we battle, a loss shouldn’t set us two steps back, and considering we don’t get to choose our battles, we shouldn’t be losing 6 in a row

  • Hello! We’re sincerely sorry to hear about your negative experience in our game. We would greatly appreciate it if you could express your dissatisfaction in more detail by emailing us at We eagerly await your response and hope to make things right!

There’s a consistent pattern of when the game forces you on a losing streak At certain points between reaching levels and get close enough to gain the next level game then force you on losing streak that knocks you back down an average of 2 levels to begin trajectory all over again. This repeats until you luckily get cards to level up some characters to advance. Process repeats all over

  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are constantly working on the balance of the game modes. If you have time, please describe your suggestions in more detail at: Thank you for your attention to the game!

The game is good, pretty strategic and has some beautiful artworks. There are still many balance issues when it comes down to Heroes’ skills and many features missing (chat especially). Yes it is very grindy and pushes the player base to spend money A LOT. It becomes harder and harder to compete against people that pay to get Legendary cards. Free to play players will be stuck around League 20, then… the progress will becomes very very slow.

  • Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this. Our team is constantly working on balancing the game, we appreciate your input. We’ll be sure to pass along your arguments to our game designers. If you have any ideas to make our game even better, please send them to support[at] Good luck and have a blast playing!

Game design concepts reminds me of another card game that is no longer available. – Crate timer, events and combat system (the card game ver was not restricted by flanks). The game is good with graphics that looks like AI drawn and she me characters looks inspired by comic heroes and villains. The issue I have is that the game is overheating phones. And there seems to have no options to reduce the graphic settings. Climbing up the rank just takes loads of patience instead of just whaling it out

  • Hello! We understand the importance of stability and optimization. Our team is constantly working on these improvements with every update. So, stay tuned for more exciting enhancements! If you could spare a moment, please send us more details about the issue you are facing at Thank you for your cooperation!

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