Edge Mech-Ascent – The reincarnation of the devil descends to the world

[Game] Edge Mech-Ascent

Edge Mech-AscentNew Agent Nezha

Demonic warrior, Nezha will join us soon!

The reincarnation of the devil descends to the world, and the human world is in extreme misery as if facing a disaster. However, Motherly love awakens the kind-hearted devil and lead Nezha finally decided to help the world of EDGE. “I am the master of my destiny.”Nezha always said to those people who do not like him.

Brand New Outfits
Three brand new ultimate outfits will release as well. Crazy hat of Apollo, Good Night of Arch, and the shade of the Moon await you.
“During the Festival of EDGE, Apollo participate in the fariy tale based events as a mad hatter in order to set off Dracula’s image”
“Pajamas exculsive to the Dragon Boat Festival, soft fabric and tapir give you the soundest sleep”
“The moon shines while stars are concealed, sprinkling onto the feathers, clear and cold, as well as her aloof mind”

Anime Goddess
Summon and collect 100+ fascinating SSR anime goddesses from worldwide mythology. Try to interact with gorgeous mech cuties and establish exclusive fates to uncover the stories behind them.

Strategic Freedom
Collect angels to assemble your squad across multiple functions, then activate legendary weapons to gain the upper hand during your journey! The flexible line-ups with diverse classes & attributes of the heroes will rich your battle strategies.

One tap AFK system
Free your hands for idle battles. Claim abundant gifts containing super gears, ultra-rare materials, and advanced summon tickets without any complex operations. And those gifts could help you all the way up! Get ready for intense battles!

Gorgeous Battle
Fancy skills effects will fulfill your screen in the square-built view of this Side-scrolling game. Try to make the best decisions on the battlefield to eliminate your enemies!

Single and Multiplayer modes allow you to switch freedom to experience both PVP & PVE gameplay.

Contact us: www.facebook.com/EDGEINVADEDOFFICAL/

Edge Mech-Ascent user reviews :

They tricked me, looked like a nice free game with some choices to buy stuff to get ahead but when you hit level 80 you can’t progress without buying 5 different items you can’t get for free and they aren’t cheap either, to unlock one exclusive weapon costs $20, so for your main team you would have to spend $120 and that’s just to unlock them! Then you have to pay more to level them up! And star map costs even more than exclusive weapon mats!

couldn’t stand the lead by the nose method of game guidance in the initial stages, especially as while stuck in lead by the nise mode us on, there seems to be no way to turn off the “back ground” music

Only giving cons since its a new game and played it for 2 days. Feedback: The tutorial is too long, and the characters don’t feel unique enough for me to keep playing. Also, the mobile ads that show a bunch of rewards for new users are click bait. The graphics aren’t great. Some characters look fuzzy. Also, there are too many menus.

  • Hi, thanks for your comment. We are very sorry about your disappointment and negative feelings. Our advertising and marketing jobs were outsourcing and responsible by other companies. We will ask them to adjust their marketing strategies as soon as possible.

The game was good. I uninstalled because it seemed as if I was sharing my account, without consent, with one or more other players. New characters on new servers would randomly appear and my server, 36 Arthur, would have changed made to it such as the name or the assistant character. The game it’s self was fun and easy to navigate. Just didn’t expect to share an account.

  • Dear captain, we are very sorry about your negative gaming experience. There must be a bug that influence your account. I will contact our IT team to discover and solve it asap. Would you plz contact our facebook admin for more information? That could be really helpful for us to fix your issue. Thanks

Wanna say good things but I only just got the game, it looks absolutely amazing but I open it and I realized that I have opened the game up on a 30 something lvl account with 3 other account attached to the server. Now I don’t know if I’m going insane or something but I’m pretty sure I’ve never placed this game before. To top it off I think someone was trying to log back in because it kept saying “login from another device”. This was a weird experience and I don’t know what to think about this

It’s fun but it really feels like they don’t want you to play just pay, multiple events constantly going on with almost no free content and a tidal wave of $5+ packs to participate. Features locked behind paywalls and character progression locked to rng. Everything has its own stamina bar and runs out quickly before advertising a pack to refill it, the story is level locked and over leveling characters waiting actual days for your account to level up is common. Beautiful art though

Artwork is pleasing, the game and menus in general are very responsive on LDplayer, which isn’t always the case with emulated games. No clue how much of a grind wall is coming up, but the early stages are pretty brainless to fly through. The game has a pretty overwhelming amount of gift icons and menus you will be constantly clicking on and accepting, which I’m not the biggest fan of. Game feels like Momento Mori + Counterside, it’s pretty cookie cutter, but not in a bad way, it’s worth a try

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