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Machinartist  Welcome to Machinartist.

A free match 3 game designed for all! In this city of machinery, you will match splendid gems and pass addicting challenges. Besides, you will experience brand new adventure and unforgettable friendship. What are you waiting for you? Step on the journey! Open this free match 3 puzzle games to enjoy your time now!

Machinartist is a free match 3 games of 2021 with unique gameplay and storyline. In this 2021 new games, you will not only experience excellent free match 3 levels, you will also enjoy fun mini games. Besides, regular update is guaranteed in this new games of 2021. Machinartist is ready to offer you an unforgettable experience, try this 2021 free game now!

A letter guided you to Brass Town, which has undergone tremendous changes. What happened to this city of machinery? You need to choose your following actions to unveil the hidden mysteries in this city. Don’t be afraid, you’re not alone. Distinctive in-game characters will accompany you till the end!

Features of “Machinartist – Free Match 3 Puzzle Games”

Interesting match 3 puzzles. This free games will drive away your boredom!
Powerful boosters. Use powerful boosters to pass as many match 3 levels as you can!
Endless levels, various in-game activities and mini games! This free matching games is more than an ordinary match 3 game!
Unique steampunk game style brings you a different atmosphere. Precisely made machinery offers you an amazing experience.
Join a team and play with teammates! You can chat with your friends, and share each other energy!

Machinartist is a free match 3 puzzle game. But some of the in-game items require payment.

Embark on the amazing match 3 adventure now! Play this free match 3 games of 2021 to relax. With interesting gameplay and excellent graphics, Machinartist is a free puzzle game that will bring you tons of fun!

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Machinartist user reviews :

Simply excellent!! The adds helped me a lot to finish levels and what i like the most is that every few days we have new challenges. Keep it up team with this beautiful work and keep it coming! Bravo
  • 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
  • Dear player, Glad you like Machinartist! Thanks for your support. Keep on playing this gem match game and we will deliver more and more interesting match 3 levels for you. Besides, invite your friends to play Machinartist together ! Have more fun
What a fun game! Well, when you’re not watching ads, which takes about the same time as game play. I really like the ones where it pauses mid-ad and you have to click to play it. Or the ones you have to click three times to end. Or the ones where the close button is the size of a grain of sand, and you have keep hitting the phone’s back button to get rid of it. Oh, and the game is set up so that if you can’t solve a board, you’ll get it almost every time if you watch an ad. Uninstalled.
  • 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
  • Thanks for your feedback! Our game is free to play and in order to provide users with support and great gaming experience we have to run ads. Don’t give up on a good game just because of necessitated ads! We will revise our ad policies and will try to make it less annoying.
Started out the game was fun, but then you get to a point where it is extremely hard to clear a puzzle without using boosters. This game is definitely not relaxing, and the 3 start rating is because the game is designed for you to fail if you don’t use boosters. This game is beyond challenging, it is unreasonably challenging.
  • 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
  • Dear player, thanks for your feedback. We updated our game to provide players better gaming experience, much appreciated for your understanding.
Great game! It’s a little bit similar to the clock maker but has better bomb and rocket combos to help. Lots of fun to play.
  • 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
  • Glad you like Machinartist! Please let us know if you have any suggestions about game, we will keep on working and make it better! Contact us through game mail or our Facebook: Have fun!
The game is fun and easy to play but but but an AD after each play is tooooo much. I am so frustrated with AD of 35 seconds Lenght after each single play. Can I remove those soooo annoying ADs?!?!
  • 707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Epic Casual Games
  • Thanks for your feedback! Our games are free to play so get the income we have to use ads to cover expenses on development and games support. Besides you can anytime rid off the ads by buying any item form the game bank. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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