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[Game] Cooking Truck – Food truck worldwide cuisine

Cooking Truck  Welcome to Cooking Truck – Cook and travel around the world to explore together food cities in the truck restaurant. Get ready for your cooking food truck!

Cooking Truck – Features:

Simulate food themes through truck restaurants.
Challenge your cooking master skills with tons of unique levels.
Manage madness chef to build your own empire of truck restaurants.
Cook, Bake, Fry, Boil,… and serve food by using simple tap.
Discover a variety of cooking styles wherever you come.
Upgrade your food-truck and unlock ingredients & kitchenwares
Get daily rewards and free gifts everyday.
Complete your missions in the achievement to collect more coins.
FREE to invite your friends with truck restaurant games

If you are a loyal fan of classic game types of cooking food-truck restaurant games, don’t miss Cooking Truck! Let’s learn to play with the crazy speed of a Master Chef.


Choose the truck of food restaurants you like best
Tap to prepare ingredients, cook and serve yummy meals
Collect gold and gems to unlock and upgrade food
Open new truck restaurants more all over the world
Be careful! Time-management without burning or wasting any fast-food ️

Start your Truck of cooking restaurants, you can travel and visit many countries with food truck games. Use various ingredients to cook and serve hungry customers delicious dishes with special recipes like hamburgers, fried egg, seafood, spaghetti, steaks, coffee etc The more satisfied customers feel, the more coins and tips you earn. Open Breakfast Coffee – Unlock Burger Shop – Build your truck restaurant of food and become the crazy cooking top chef in the world.

Download to play now! Create your own fever of cooking Enjoy hours of free fun cooking in this awesome food truck restaurant game.

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Cooking Truck user reviews :

Hi I really love this game and would love to be able to continue using it. However I have encountered an issue. Once I reached the new York level, I was only able to complete one level, the next level simply wouldn’t open up even though the previous level has been completed and all keys collected. When I press on it, it says coming soon. Is this level going to open up?soon? If not, then I’m afraid I will have to uninstall it.

Way too many ads for what it is. You have location 1, which is broken into levels. Each level has 3 tiers. Doing location 1 isn’t bad, but once you hit location two, that’s an ad on every level, almost every single tier. You finish serving and it’s an ad that seems to last at least as long (if not longer) than the amount of time you played. You can’t fast forward the ads or skip them. You have to watch them all the way through. I’m on the verge of just uninstalling the game.
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi, Thank you for your feedback. Please use the ad removal package or view the ads in the remove ads package to turn off ads for 1 day. Thank you!
It starts out fine, then once you get far enough it will not let you continue. You hit continue and it does nothing. It gives you bonus levels to do, I got through them, and the game would not let me continue to my reward. When you back out and go back in, it’s like you never did the levels at all, no reward, unless you complete them again. Not worth it.
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi, thank you for your feedback. Currently, we have updated the new version. Please update and enter the game to experience it. Thank you for supporting our products
I like this game, however it’s a pay to win game. You get gems to up grade, but the upgrade or boost takes three times the amount of gems you get. No matter how good you are at the games, you will not pass upper levels unless you spend money.
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi, Thanks for your opinion. You can watch video advertisement to get more booster, ruby or free coins for upgrading kitchen. Hope you always enjoy.Thank you!
If I play a cooking game, I would prefer the items to look like food. The main problem I have encountered is ads that I can’ t get out of and thus am thrown out of the game…. PS Tomato has no “e” at the end
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • Hi, thank you your feedback. Please use the ad removal package or view the ads in the remove ads package to turn off ads for 1 day. Thank you!
This game continually freezes up during video ads. When it does it don’t recognize what you did just before other than use up your boosters. That it does recognize. Fix this bug and I will give 5 stars.
  • CSCMobi Studios
  • We are sorry for your bad experience! Please open the game and go to settings > contact us to send us your details. Include the device you’re using, the version you’re playing, screenshots or videos (if applicable), the level, and the restaurant you’re having issues with. We will try our best to solve this problem. Thank you!

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