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Mafia KingThe gangs that were once loyal to you turned their backs.

Those who called themselves your “brothers” harbor ill will. The city you sacrificed everything for is now in the hands of your enemy.

You were framed, and everything changed in those five years that you were away in prison. Now that you have returned, the city is eager for a new leader. You summon former friends to fight by your side. You are ready to take back what’s yours!

Take Charge
“I’m in charge of this neighborhood from now on!”
Form your gang on the violent streets, where criminals roam. Rip the carpet out from under your enemies’ feet, and take over their properties and resources. This city is yours!

Cosa Nostra
“Need a job? We’re short of some good men.”
People from all walks of life frequent the bar and are potential talents you can recruit. Underground fighters, hot-blooded bikers, and impassive gunmen make great additions to your ever-growing gang. Make these outlaws loyal to you, and grow your family!

Sin City
“Wealth is for those in power.”
Why stop at one city when you can extend your reach to others? Plunder resources from other gangs and cities to bolster your own. Show who’s the real boss in town by defeating the others in gang wars. Put those naive ruffians in their place!

Family Power
“Don’t piss me off. You won’t like it.”
Join or form Clans and forge beneficial alliances with other gangs! Help each other out and expand your territories. Fend off rival gangs, and show the underworld who’s the real boss around here!

Hot Babes
“Enjoy fast cars and hot babes!”
Meet beautiful women from different regions and provide them shelter. Bring them on romantic dates in private clubs and enjoy your night. Use your charms to make these women fall for you!


Mafia King user reviews :

I had to edit my review. Latest patch fixes quite a bit. PVP issues are still being fixed. It has a lot going for it but finding a good alliance is critical/mandatory. I’d suggest holding off until lvl 15+ and a good alliance before spending any $ though. Support is top-notch. Some of our alliance members had bugged upgrades, and after an email, they were fixed rapidly. Overall a fun game. The devs are busy fixing it constantly. Patches galore with many pain points fixed each time.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We understand that PvP is an important aspect of a Mafia-style game, and we’re constantly working to improve and enhance this feature. If you have any specific suggestions or feedback on how we can improve the PvP experience, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thank you for playing our game and for your support.

Need some heroes for gathering, as I’ve found that their stats are all identical. Zooming prevents us from seeing other cities.However, both the gameplay and the Graphics are amazing.

I love the game the only problem I have is when the game makes upgrade it takes entirely to long it takes days or even weeks to fix. U lose your position in power for not being active….

i love this game I could play it all the time I’m in the hospital with not much else to do and I get bored with games very easily but not this one I could play it and one other game 24hrs a day if i could see i have been in the hospital now for 8mo now I’m waiting on a for organ but i think this game is one of the best mobile games i have ever play maybe they will come out with a better one but i don’t think they will any time soon!!!

Best mafia game out no question. “Dead” troops have a chance at fighting again, marching attacks on bases can be cut off by gang members by marching towards the attacker, which leads to far better defending than other mafia games. Leveling up heroes/capos stacks to other capos so you only need to level 3 at a time and never need to go back and level up a new capo you finally obtained. There is more, but the most amazing thing about this game is the map! No other mafia game can compete with it!

Mafia King is a fun and engaging mobile game that combines strategy and role-playing elements. The real-time communication between players adds to the excitement, and the detailed graphics create an immersive atmosphere. In-app purchases are available, but the game is still enjoyable without them. Overall, Mafia King is a well-designed app that offers hours of entertainment.

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