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War LegacyWar Legacy is an MMO real-time strategy game based on fantasy civilizations.

You play as a rising Lord, leading legendary Heroes from around the world to build your City. You will form Guilds and conquer lands, take over amazing Ancient Cities with siege weapons, explore mazes and fight beasts, creating your very own legacy.

Strategy and fun come together in a unique tower defense gameplay
Lead historic Heroes and soldiers from around the world to protect your homeland against invasions. You must give everything you have to defend against droves of beasts and Feral Fiends.

Build a unique City with the free-building system

You will own a City on these lands, constructing and placing buildings freely. You can also train Squads, upgrade Heroes, research Tech, construct defenses, and build a one-of-a-kind capital.

Real-time strategy presented with brand-new graphics
It’s no longer a battle of numbers as you can now experience the essence of real-time strategy on the realistic battlefield. Show off your talents freely as you recreate historic wars with various strategies and see your enemies get surrounded, pinned, and knocked back!

Fight alongside legendary Heroes
Legendary generals, historical giants, and mythical characters will become your strongest subordinates as they fight for you. Make full use of the individual Hero’s skills and bonuses, and conquer these lands!

Your choices decide your friends and foes
In this free but real world, build a strong alliance with like-minded Guild members to complete difficult quests together by building Guild weapons, laying sieges, plundering resources, and defeating enemies!

Official Discord : discord.gg/8GS8rtHPcJ

War Legacy user reviews :

It’s a typical city builder game. Nothing that stands out as unique. Only been playing for a few hrs and I can’t play anymore due to bug. All my build, resources, army, etc with a timer is just looping. It gets to a few sec of being done then starts back over from start time. Even if I use speed ups, all of them are glitching. I tried restarting app, clearing catche, all that. A still pic isn’t gonna show the problem so the ticket system for issues is useless on this issue.

You fixed the issues thanks. But I’m still giving 1 star. One alliance has completely ruined the game for a LOT of us. You have no limits set on who can attack who and lvl 30’s are destroying entire alliances. I was labeled with a “Loser” buff that takes away 5% attack and defense because I spoke up. NO ONE should have the power to do that to ANYONE else in a game. Per usual arrogant P2W players are destroying another game. I really liked this game but I deleted because of ONE alliance.

You shouldn’t expect anything new here. That same generic city builder game, scouts exploring fog, generals leading squads to fight monsters on the map and so on. Pretty boring in my opinion.

Weird. The game barely has a community. Not even 1000 new players on a new server. No proper marketing nothing. It looks like the game is a grab and close game. They get whatever they can and then shut the game down. Really hated the CS. You will have to wait for way over 7hrs for replies. It’s full of bugs but that’s alright, but there’s no community to address it or anything. Below average

I was almost taken completely out the game but I came back and looked better then ever, legends for making me another sick game!! Yo just a heads up captains/game owners, there’s a maintenance thingy thing going on, so be careful and patient, gonna have to wait before I kill everybody!! Yea da boyz, oh and I’m playing dumb/stupid but i hit like Cupid!!

Game is fairly standard for genre. After purchases, gets stuck in a loop of the rewards constantly reappearing.

Very great game only one issue is my game keeps freezing and I have to exit the app and log back other than that is has good graphics and awesome game play.

I love the game and I highly recommend it for you. The graphics, the interface, and the contents are awesome. There are unique heroes that can command hundreds thousands of troops. It is basically the dreamed war strategy of mine. But I suggest that the game should establish official accounts where we could see updates. Aside from that, everything is wonderful so overall, it is still 5 stars. Keep it up, Lords!

The game is awesome! Each hero has their own intresting story! It optimize itself for your phone that allows it to perform seamlessly you can play this game online only though. You can form and join guilds to help to grow your own city. At first it might seem a bit tricky to understand the game especially if you are new to strategy games but once you get the hang of it it is a great balance of action and planning!! It is absolutely my favourite game.

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