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[Game] Magic Revenge – Casual IDLE RPG

Magic Revenge

 The brand new mobile game Magic Revenge is an Casual action-packed myth-style RPG with legendary heroes and epic IDLE gameplay. Fight for freedom!
Fit for all age! Recruit, Arrange, Fight! All for the honor!
Accurate rank system! Strengthen your heroes and challenge others from worldwide!GAME FEATURESAuto-Battle Strategy WIN
No time to fight? We got it. AI auto-play process the fight scene. Enjoy the success from the fight! Heroes will still be fighting for you even if you are offline for a break!Summon Massive Heroes
Over 100 heroes with specific skills from 6 factions!
Assemble a unique team! Diversified cultivate system, level up your hero, start your magic revenge!Assemble your Squad with Strategy
Class Match, Faction Restrain. Strategic Formation. Who you bring to fight really matters! Recruit the strike force and pick a squad of six powerful heroes wisely for victory!More than an Idle Game
Climb up the Magic Tower for nonstop challenges, complete missions from various heroes in Mercenary Guild, launch an all-out attack in the Airship, forge powerful gears for your heroes, help friends defeat Bosses for special rewards, and enter various Raids for extra gains! More exciting contents are waiting for you to discover!Fight with your allies
Make new allies worldwide, upgrade Runes by Alliance Magician for bonuses, get rewards from Relics Excavation, win increasing rewards by taking down alliance bosses in Raids.Assemble heroes to a journey of myth and lead your team to the final victory!PLEASE NOTE
Network connection is required.
Magic Revenge is free to download and play, some in-app items can also be purchased for real money. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device’s settings.SUPPORTEmail us at magirevenge[at]

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Magic Revenge user reviews :

Even tho I like this Idle game, the characters design etc. The game speed seems to slow. As for the daily tasks they seem easy enough to do which keeps the game interesting. If a player’s level is too high for a campaign battle, they should be a skip battle option or at least X3 or x4 game speed. Very straight forward game to learn.

I love the aesthetic. Good idle, but no hand holding/signup incentive here! 100 draw SSR guarantee etc. Somewhat frugal compared to other idles. No background story for characters either! So the lack of story is a minus. Otherwise it’s beautiful.
  • Hello, thanks for your comment! You can get a five-star hero by completing account registration in the achievements. If you still have any questions, you can contact us via email or FB:MagicRevenge. Thank you for your support to our game and wish you a happy life!
As a free player, you won’t get much from this game. I have one 5 star that was free and the rest are three and four stars. I have not been able to do even one 10 summon and the seven day rewards are terrible/worthless for the most part. The chapter completion rewards are just horrible. One summon ticket, really? Also, they reply to your comment, but it won’t change anything. It never does.
  • Hello, idle games are more about long-term accumulation, and short-term high rewards will not affect the overall situation. You can get a lot of benefits through weekly activities. At the same time, we will also optimize the game based on player suggestions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. magirevenge[at]
I stumbled on this game and so far its pretty nice. You are able to quickly earn good characters and items early in the game without pay. The looks of the characters are very nice. It is another auto idle game but i do differences compared to others that are out. Im interested to see how this game provresses.
  • Thank you for your comment. We are working hard to continuously optimize the game to provide you with a better experience. Your support is our driving force, and I wish you a beautiful day. magirevenge[at] or FB: MagicRevenge
It’s a really good game but since yesterday it hasnt been working, everytime I’ve tried to play it just said detecting sever and then goes to “downloading update server list (retry 1)” and I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and re downloading the app but it still says that. It’s a really good game that I wanna play and I don’t know if it’s just me that it’s happening too and if so idk how to fix it :(
  • Dear player, thank you for your feedback. If you encounter any problems during the game, please feel free to send it to magirevenge[at] or FB: MagicRevenge, we will solve all the problems of the game and strive to bring you a better gaming experience!
Day 4 of game, beautiful artwork and cool heros. Im having fun, i dont spend $ no need to hopefully it will stay that way. Extra bonus commecials, have lower pricing and people will spend more. This game has great potential. Lower prices and always have events, they could be weekly, one big one monthly. Prizes can be credits for things in game stores, or shards for heros, or summon chances. Make new Hero’s for game one New Super strong new hero a month and the other ones pop in 1 or 2 weeks
  • Thank you for your comment. We are working hard to continuously optimize the game to provide you with a better experience. Your support is our driving force, and I wish you a beautiful day. or FB: MagicRevenge

Latest Update :

New hero added!
Bug fixed and performance optimized.

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