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[Game] Magic Seasons – match & collect

Magic SeasonsMeet a new chapter of your favorite game – Magic Seasons 2024!

Head to a new glade that’s bursting with Indian culture, plus new adventures, cooperative events, and new game mechanics!

Hungry for miracles? Well, then we won’t keep you waiting! Embark on an incredible journey to a new island, where your loyal friends and helpers are already expecting you!

Only in Magic Seasons 2024:

Create a unique magical island! You can build a town and farm just like you want.

Upgrade objects, decorate, and grow! There are no limits to what you can create!

Use the interesting and fun Onet mechanic to match and combine items and pick what to develop and build first to expand your farm as you see fit!

Decorate your farm: restore buildings, pick out Décor, and make it gorgeous!
Explore new territories: adventure in a new glade every couple of months. The fun never ends!
Open a new glade every 3 months! The adventures never end!
Win prizes: spin the Wheel of Fortune and get unbelievable presents! It’s all in your hands!
Play mini games: earn extra resources to build and develop your fairytale town!
Craft toys: the Toy Factory is where the magic happens! Craft unique toys! Unleash your creativity!
Raise and train the cutest pet in the world! You’ll be rewarded for your love and care!
Play with your friends: rate their glades, meet new friends, help each other, and compete!
Take part in a tournament: it’s time to show the masses who the best player is!

Everyone is waiting for you in your magical glade. Come join the adventure!

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Magic Seasons user reviews :

I had originally given these games a 5 star. Well I am using the new magic seasons where it is the matching tiles version. I have been stuck on the classic mode where I have to get a certain tile to proceed. I have gotten at least a dozen mystery boxes in hopes I will get the tile I need and absolutely NOTHING!! It’s not like we’re given an endless supply of tokens. It’s never taken me this long to get the tile I need to proceed. Something needs to change with this!!!!! Very dissatisfied!!!

  • Hello there! Thank you for your feedback. Please contact us via the game support or text us on support[at] We will look into your issue.

It should be a good game but, since updates a couple of weeks ago, it is so unresponsive and slow that it has become almost unplayable. Also, having to wait 12 hours for a life is very poor. Even worse, having to wait over a week for a new tile: I literally can’t play levels until I get that tile. What’s the point in holding back something that means I can’t play? Just to add following the developer’s response, I have gained multiple magic levels and claimed dozens of rewards but no tile.

  • Good afternoon. Increase the level of magic and be sure to collect rewards for the increase. This will allow you to receive new tiles for the Walkthrough mode. Regarding flights, write to us at support[at]

The graphics are beautiful, just like the last 2 versions. But I am incredibly disappointed that this version is a match 3 game. The thing I loved most about the game was the factory game play … it’s different from my other games. I’ve played tons of match 3 games. Two lives isn’t adequate and only one chance to shuffle and one for extra spaces isn’t either. Also, in 2023 it said we could move over with our union and that’s not what happened. Very disappointing.

  • Hello there, thank you very much for such a detailed review. We are sorry to hear the new mechanics did not meet your expectations. As for your union, please contact us via email We will be glad to help you with it.

Starting the new season early, I’m incredibly disappointed. I’ve monetarily supported previous seasons, have been a union leader for the last 2 years, very much enjoy the factory game and all… Only to find the game is now based on a game type I’m so tired of, I don’t know who suggested moving to this model but we didn’t need another one. Forcing ad play after every level, just like every other cash grab. Even ad removal from purchases is temporary? It’s insulting, feels foolish.

  • Good afternoon. If you want to completely disable advertising, you can buy any product in the store for the amount specified in the information window. After this, there will be no advertising.

so far really cute game. easy with cute graphics. I love that there are not a ton of ads!

  • Hello. We appreciate your kind words, thank you!

Love it but getting the coins are few and far in between.

  • Hello. Thanks for your feedback. Participate in allied events, complete daily tasks, collect resources in the warehouse. All this will allow you to actively play.

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